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About Aaron

Aaron Siepierski is the CEO and Founder of Aaron’s Estate Sales, a company specializing in assisting seniors to profit during major life transitions. As one of Inc’s 5,000 fastest growing companies, his proven estate sale process has generated tens of millions of dollars for families around the United States. As a certified appraiser, handling arts and antiques and serving celebrity clients, he has been featured on Fox and Entrepreneur because of his passion to serve families who are going through difficult or new life changes.

Aaron is on a mission to help over 50 million seniors in America downsize to live a freer, happier lifestyle.


“Aaron and his staff sorted, priced, categorized, and set up all items in the home for our estate sale. They did an AMAZING job!”
— Ms. Thomas
“Aaron and his crew were amazing. He is very professional, extremely knowledgeable, and easy to work with. Truly seamless process!”
— Daniel R.
“Aaron handled a true estate for me. He sold over $75,000 worth of items and found over $30,000 hidden in the home. A true professional.”
— Johnathon L., Estate Attorney
“I couldn’t believe all the work they did setting up the home and turning it into a store! It looked amazing, and they made us a ton of money. After, they cleared out the whole house.”
— Beth Rogers

Speaking Topics

Making The Most Of Your Belongings: A Guide To Downsizing Successfully

Downsizing can be an emotional journey fraught with anxiety, nostalgia, and indecision. The thought of parting with beloved possessions and sorting through a lifetime’s worth of accumulated items can be overwhelming, leaving many feeling stuck and unsure where to begin. In his engaging keynote, Aaron Siepierski offers practical strategies and insider tips for successfully downsizing in today’s modern America. Whether you’re downsizing your own home or helping a loved one through the process, Aaron’s empowering talk will help you create a clear plan of action, reduce the clutter, and get the most value out of the items you no longer need.

Maximizing Profit While Downsizing: Helping Seniors Navigate Life's Next Chapter

Your parents have taken care of you all these years, and now you are left with helping them navigate the next chapter of their lives. And unfortunately, you may not see eye to eye on what items to keep and what items to get rid of. With years of memories and treasured belongings, it can feel overwhelming to downsize and let go of certain items. In his talk, Aaron Siepierski guides attendees through the delicate process of downsizing seniors’ belongings while honoring their valuables and moving forward with confidence. Attendees will learn how to separate collectibles from junk and steps to help the entire family with the transition to the next phase of life.

The Home Won’t Sell: 3 Strategies To Help Your Client Profit While Downsizing To Secure The Sale

In this talk, Aaron Siepierski offers expert strategies to help your clients who are struggling to sell their homes due to the overwhelming task of downsizing. As a seasoned estate sale professional, Aaron will guide you through the process of how to assist your clients in not only streamlining their possessions but also maximizing profits. With his proven techniques, you’ll learn how to efficiently clean out a house, turn clutter into cash, and ensure a smooth transaction that benefits both the seller and the buyer.
Profit While Downsizing Your Life And Keep What Matters Most
With his expertise in arts and antiques, Aaron Siepierski assists individuals in maximizing the value of their personal belongings when downsizing or undergoing a major life transition. His passion lies in helping more than 50 million seniors in America downsize comfortably, enabling them to lead happier, more fulfilling lives.

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