Dr. Alberto Rullan

Founder Of Equine Performance Innovative Center, Veterinarian

About Dr. Rullan

Dr. Alberto Rullan is a speaker, veterinarian, and the Founder of Equine Performance Innovative Center. He received his Bachelor of Science degree from Pennsylvania State University in 2002 and graduated from the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine in 2006. Dr. Rullan’s practice focuses on treating performance-related problems in horses and helps take them from injury to training again. He does this with natural products such as stem cells, hyperbaric oxygen chambers, and carefully designed physical rehabilitation.
Dr. Rullan frequently travels to broaden his veterinary knowledge and consult around the world. He continues his studies in equine rehabilitation, lameness diagnostics and treatment methods, and the use of stem cells and regenerative therapy in equine injury treatment and recovery. He is also active in volunteering with the Equitarian Initiative, a non-profit international organization that is dedicated to providing veterinary care to horses in less fortunate communities and teaches basic veterinary care to the people in these communities.
Dr. Rullan is on a mission to help 10,000,000 horses by assisting 10,000 veterinarians and horse owners.


“Dr. Rullan is very educational and polite. Dr. Rullan’s all about providing the best service. The techs messed up my horse’s x-ray and performed surgery on the wrong leg. Dr. Rullan did the surgery on the correct leg for free and got it all settled. They took great care of my horse and me. 10/10 recommend.”
— Madison O.
“What a delight to spend part of the day with Dr. Rullan and his excellent, welcoming, and friendly staff. Thank you, Alberto, for taking such good care of my sweet mule Raven. I knew she was in the best of hands the moment she stepped out of the trailer. Dr. Rullan was very kind to my girl and explained everything to me as he worked. He reviewed her U/S pictures with me explaining the anatomy. Thank you to everyone involved; it was a great experience. I would highly recommend his services to anyone who has an equine in need of professional evaluation of any type of lameness.”
— Elaine L.
“Dr. Rullan and his team at EPIC are outstanding. They’ve provided excellent care for all my horses and done the impossible to bring back my FEI horse to performance-level work again. Hands down the best sports medicine facility around!”
— Jenn N.
“It’s always a pleasure doing business with and visiting Dr. Rullan.”
— Dani S.

Speaking Topic

Help Transform Your Horse To Achieve Their Highest Potential

Horse owners and trainers will learn to guide their horses to perform optimally and reach their full potential. In his talk, Dr. Rullan leads the audience through his evaluation process, which can be used to identify whether a horse is suffering from a problem with its neck, back, joints, muscles, or tendons. From there, he discusses the rehabilitation process required to condition the horse and help them feel like a champion again.
Transform Your Horse To Perform Like A Champion
Dr. Alberto Rullan helps make horses perform at their highest potential through conditioning programs and natural treatments.

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