Amanda Carberry, DC

Chiropractor, Executive Director, Speaker

About Amanda and Bryn Medical

Amanda Carberry is a distinguished executive director at Bryn Medical in Chattanooga, TN. With years of experience and advanced clinical training, her team provides clients with top-notch pain management and recovery services. Their approach is founded on clear communication with patients and a dedication to ensuring that every person who walks through their doors receives compassionate care in a safe environment. Through a multidisciplinary approach, Amanda’s team strives to provide each patient with an exceptional experience that promotes healing and recovery, helping them get back to feeling their best.
Amanda and the team at Bryn Medical are on a mission to help 4,162 people regain their lives without unnecessary drugs and surgery.


“Very professional and friendly. Genuinely concerned about your improvement and health issues. I have recommended this practice to all my friends and family.”
— Nathan Davis
“Caring, professional, friendly staff. The atmosphere is great. This is my second round with Bryn Medical. They take great care of you there!!!!”
— Priscilla Postell
“They are the kindest, most knowledgeable, and encouraging staff I have ever worked with on my rehabilitation journey. I am thankful for their countless answers to my questions, their post-rehab workout advice, and their genuine interest in seeing me succeed. I can truly say that Bryn Medical Center has changed my life for the better. They will change your life too.”
— Clay Fissel
“In the beginning, I was in pain and miserable. Both my knees hurt! I couldn’t walk or ride my bike. I started out skeptical about the therapy. I figured anything was better than sitting at home in total discomfort. But then, I began to notice less pain and more ability to take a walk or ride my bike! I began to feel more like myself. And through it, the team was supporting me and cheered me on to meet my therapy goals. They knew when to push me just a little and when I was too tired to go on. I will forever be grateful for the kindness and care I received at Bryn Medical. They have given me back my life. Thank you.”
— Kimberly Lykes

Speaking Topic

Pain-Free Living: Transform Your Life Without Drugs Or Surgery

During Amanda’s keynote talk, attendees will discover a revolutionary approach to overcoming chronic pain. Amanda will provide insights on how to unlock the body’s natural healing potential through non-invasive, non-drug techniques, helping patients live life to the fullest. This talk is perfect for anyone who is looking for an alternative, sustainable, and holistic approach to managing pain and achieving a better quality of life. Audience members will learn how their body works in the role of pain; a blueprint to living pain-free; and simple steps anyone can take immediately to achieve a higher level of well-being.
Unlocking The Body’s Natural Healing Potential
By leveraging the expertise of a variety of medical disciplines, Amanda’s team works collaboratively to provide each patient with a personalized and holistic approach to their healthcare needs. With a commitment to excellence and deep respect for their patients, they aim to help people feel their best and achieve their health goals.

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