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Life & Business Psychic Medium, Intuitive Brand Strategist, Speaker

About Amber

Amber Annette is a Life & Business Psychic Medium, Intuitive Brand Strategist, and speaker. She creates soul-aligned brand strategies, marketing assets, and advertising campaigns that are trademark-worthy for visionaries, leaders, and influencers who want to make an impact at scale. She is known for blending her gifts of psychic-mediumship with her business acumen to help purpose-driven women in business who desire mind, business, and spirit alignment.

In 2013, with the birth of her son, Amber Annette came into the gift of psychic-mediumship. She instantly felt a deeper calling to tap into her newfound abilities and started uncovering her gifts through readings for individuals and small private groups. Channeling passed loved ones, angels, and spirit guides quickly became a beautiful passion! When Amber realized she could combine her spiritual gifts with her love of business and entrepreneurship, she instantly fell in love with blending both worlds and knew there was something special in the guidance being delivered.

Amber left her corporate life of 15 years and started channeling and creatively coaching entrepreneurs and business owners who were looking for unique and innovative ways to expand and strengthen their businesses. Amber takes a unique and non-traditional approach to coaching and consulting, blending her 15 years of sales, leadership, and business with her gifts of psychic-mediumship.


“Your insight, gifts and advice are never wrong! I’m so much happier and wealthier when I have you in my life and business.”
“I feel so ignited, activated and clear on my purpose and what I want to create in my business!”

“I had my best launch ever; $350k after my energy and activation session with Amber!”

Speaking Topic

Coffee With The Universe:
How To Have Powerful Conversations That Unlock Success

Adults make an average of 35,000 decisions a day, and we have developed an unconscious decision-making system to manage our daily routines. However, this causes many people to live life on “autopilot,” and essentially, sleep-walk into their day-to-day choices. In her talk, Amber outlines her process to develop one’s intuition and how to set your intention for each day. Audience members will be able to gain clarity for their personal and professional goals and take intentional action based on these goals.

Become Limitless in Life & Business
Creative and innovative sales and marketing strategies for ambitious women in business that want to make an impact.

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