Ana Workman

Founder of Absolute Therapy LLC, Bilingual Speech-Language Pathologist, Coach

About Ana

Ana Workman is a coach, speaker, and owner of Absolute Therapy LLC, a company devoted to helping speech-language pathologists (SLPs) start and grow their own businesses.

She is a bilingual, certified Autism Specialist and a winner of the $100K Invest Diva Club Award. Ana’s practical strategies show speech-language pathologists how to take control of their financial future, make at least $100K in a school, and be their own speech boss.

Ana Workman is on a mission to help 100,000 SLPs become their own bosses by 2027.


“Ana’s professional advice regarding being an independent contractor speech-language pathologist has substantially improved my thought process on my business and what my services are worth. I understand the value of my work and how to market myself to potential employers as an independent contractor.”

— Tiffany Morrow
“Being fairly new to the SLP field, I thought I was too inexperienced and young to become my own speech boss. I learned that is not the case at all! With the tips and techniques that were shared with me, this will help me with my future endeavors at becoming my own boss and working for no one except myself!”
— Gigi Beiswanger

Speaking Topic

Become a 6-Figure Speech-Language Pathologist in Less Than 12 Months!

For speech-language pathologists who work in a school and want to increase their income. Many SLPs feel school administrators will not take them seriously or be willing to provide a 6-figure income opportunity. In her talk, Ana Workman dispels this myth and offers a proven path to command a 6-figure salary. She outlines her process of transitioning from an employee to an independent contractor, how to find the gatekeepers, and how to communicate your message to school administrators to land a 6-figure contract.

Speech therapists will finally feel valued for their work and take control of their financial future.

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