Anil Grandhi

Founder of AG FinTax, Forbes Council Member, Top 20 Dynamic CEOs in 2022 USA Edition

About Anil

Anil Grandhi is the Founder of AG FinTax, a tax planning and accounting firm that brings the tax reduction strategies used by enterprises and Fortune 100 companies to small businesses across the country. In his distinguished career in the field of finance, he’s had stints with PWC, SunEdison, Amazon, and Starbucks before he floated AG FinTax in the United States.

He was named one of the Top 20 Dynamic CEOs in 2022 by The CEO Publication, USA, a leading digital media platform created for American CEOs. He is also a Forbes Finance Council member where he shares his knowledge on tax, accounting & finance matters with the community.
His company, AG FinTax, consists of a professional team of CPAs, chartered accountants, and CMAs helping clients take advantage of tax planning opportunities and strategically setting up the client’s business for success. They provide expertise and guidance to entrepreneurs on tax planning, CFO services, wealth management, and financial outlooks.

Anil’s webinars on taxation and financial planning are keenly awaited events by thousands of entrepreneurs, businessmen, and professionals across the USA. Anil has a socially active personality and appeared in several TV shows and social media channels. With this, Anil organized and participated in numerous cultural, spiritual, and social events.


“I worked with Anil when filing last year’s taxes. He was really professional, really understood my case, and has a great understanding of both Indian and US laws. He spent time before, during, and after the process to answer my questions and give advice. He really invests in the relationship, and I’d recommend Anil for any tax work without a doubt.”
—  Srivathsan Jagadeesan

“Anil Grandhi is genuinely a model in his administration. Clear, fresh, all-around set reactions to any inquiries you present. His office is perfectly spotless with proficient collaborators. He will go an additional mile to help you save money on trivial expenses. I would energetically suggest AG Fintax!”

Vasu Mylavarapu
“AG Fintax team has been very supportive for our needs, and I was happy to work with them. Appreciate the domain knowledge and its applicability to benefit their clients. All the very best & thanks.”
Sridhar Raju

“Worked with Shipra and Anil on our restaurants RRF; they were very professional, prompt and knew what they are doing. Thank you, AG FINTAX, for everything you do.”

Swapna Varala

Speaking Topic

Inflation Reduction Act Highlights

President Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 (H.R. 5376) into law on August 16, 2022. In his talk, Anil Grandhi outlines how this new Act will impact your business. He covers the corporate minimum tax rate adjustments, R&D credit increase, COVID relief for ACA premiums, energy and healthcare changes, clean vehicle credit, and more!
Financial & Tax Services for the Dynamic Business Owner
Anil and his team use decades of strategic tax planning and accounting experience to enable business owners to build wealth and legally save hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes.

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