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About Annie-Pier Lavoie

Annie-Pier Lavoie is a mindset and manifestation coach who helps women to overcome their fears, self-doubts, and limitations so they can manifest a life beyond their wildest dreams. She’s on a mission to empower 1 million women to transform their lives by healing their relationship with themselves by 2025.


“Annie-Pier Lavoie, YOU have been that missing link since the start, it is thanks to you that everything finally started clicking for me. Thank you for these straight-to-the-point, valuable lessons.”
“From the positive reinforcement to the deep-rooted healing assignments, Annie’s coaching is first rate! Annie‘s knowledge, teachings, support, unconditional guidance and true caring & genuine personality have helped me to become a much better person in all aspects of my life! I am forever grateful as I now continue to strive to always be my higher self and live my dream life!”
“Opening my old wounds made me emotional but it also made me stronger and happier because I found peace, I forgave myself and others for every action of my past. As I worked on the worthy program every day, I noticed how my life was changing for the better. My relationship with my parents, my boyfriend and friends improved so much. I got closer with my parents after so many years of living in the same house but feeling like strangers. My boyfriend and I got a deeper connection. I stopped comparing my life with others because I am happy with my life and I am very proud of who I am. I don’t have to compare myself with others because I found happiness within myself. And most importantly I found my purpose, I made the decision to start my business because I am worthy of having my own business.”

Speaking Topic

Awakening Self-Love To Manifest Your Dream Life

In her talk, Annie-Pier reveals the 3 pillars of self-love to build self-awareness and self-respect. Audience members will be able to identify negative self-talk, change their inner dialogue, and master their mornings. They will also learn how to listen to their intuition to gain confidence, make better decisions, and unlock a new life for themselves.

Empowering 1 million women to transform their lives by healing their relationship with themselves by 2025.

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