Ariella Indigo

CEO & Founder Of Type-A VIP, Transformed The Lives Of Over 200,000 Business Owners

About Ariella

Ariella Indigo is a remarkable CEO and founder of Type-A VIP who has inspired and transformed the lives of more than 200,000 people, earning her the coveted title of “The Success Strategist.” After leaving her thriving corporate career, Ariella found her true calling by going broke and living in a caravan for 2.5 years to explore her mission in life. Her perseverance paid off as she built a multi 7-figure business – and now empowers other high-performing entrepreneurs driven to leave a lasting legacy.
With her expertise in business, soul, and physics, Ariella helps her clients overcome feelings of being stuck, stressed, and lost, unlocking their boundless potential for success. She understands that success is not just about grinding it out 24/7, and hence she focuses on “wholistic” solutions that help individuals achieve their goals without sacrificing their souls.
Ariella is now on a mission to bridge the gap between business, soul & physics for 1 million high performers by 2028.


“From zero to a $400k business in just 8 months.”
Kate More
Leadership Coach
“I doubled my revenue every month after working with Ariella.”
Alecia St Germain
Success Coach
“For me, it was a quantum leap month. Total sales of $46,397.”
Deb Stoan
Therapist & Healer

Speaking Topics

Fierce Entrepreneurship: How To Power UP & Achieve Your Dreams

Being a high performer can be overwhelming and leave people burned out and wanting when they are looking at having their best life. In her talk, Ariella Indigo helps high-performing Type-A entrepreneurs who want to slay their goals and achieve success without overwhelm, stress, and burnout. Attendees will learn progressive, powerful, and “wholistic” strategies that can help them crush their callings and leave behind a legacy.

3 Power Strategies To Slay Success Without Sacrificing Your Soul

In a world that glorifies hustle culture and burning out, it’s easy to forget that there are other paths to sustainable success. Ariella Indigo’s keynote talk offers a refreshing perspective on achieving your goals without sacrificing your soul. Through her expertise in business, soul, and physics, Ariella will introduce attendees to three hidden power strategies that can help them find balance, rediscover their purpose, and achieve their wildest dreams. With her “wholistic” success solutions, attendees will leave feeling reconnected and re-energized, ready to take on the world without sacrificing their well-being.

Dominate Your Destiny: 4 Keys To Unlocking Your Purpose & Potential

Discovering your true purpose and having success in your life and work can be frustrating. As a former stressed-out high performer herself, Ariella knows what it’s like to feel vulnerable and confused about your purpose. But she also knows how to overcome those feelings and rediscover your true identity. In her talk, Ariella Indigo helps entrepreneurs who might be feeling secretly vulnerable because they feel lost and confused about their purpose. They’ll learn the 4 directional keys of how to rediscover their true identity and align with their purpose and say goodbye to stress and hello to a life of deep fulfillment and meaning. Attendees will walk away feeling confident they are in the driver’s seat when it comes to dominating their destinies and will be given the directional tools to get there.
Empowering High-Performing Entrepreneurs To Achieve Success Without Burnout
Ariella Indigo is on a mission to empower high-performing entrepreneurs hungry for sustainable growth and driven to leave a legacy by bridging the gap between business, soul, and physics. Her goal is to impact 1 million high performers by 2028 with her unique approach.

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