Arleen and

Jacob Garza

Founders of REEP Equity, a vertically integrated multifamily investment company with a current portfolio of 4,560 units worth over $450MM

About Arleen & Jacob Garza

Real Estate Equity Partners was founded in 2012 by principals Jacob and Arleen Garza, who share over two decades of real estate experience. Their firm is focused on acquiring underperforming, income-producing, multifamily investment opportunities in Texas.
Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, REEP Equity is vertically integrated with its sister company, REEP Residential. Together, they focus on the multifamily sector and pledge incomparable commitment and service to both its residents and investors. Since 2012, REEP Equity has bought, sold, and managed over 4,560 units, taking 9 properties full cycle. The current portfolio of seventeen properties totals 4,560 units worth over $450MM.

Arleen & Jacob Garza are on a mission to help professionals and business owners utilize real estate investing to earn passive income and become financially independent.

Speaking Topics

3 Steps To Make Your Money Grow: How To Minimize Risk And Ensure Consistent Passive Income

Many high-income earners are successful in their business or career, but they are unsure of how to become financially free to secure their retirement and they don’t have enough time to do the necessary research. This talk is for high-level professionals and business owners who want to find a reliable and low-risk way to put their money to work.

Jacob & Arleen outline their process on how to make one’s money grow through real estate, even in a volatile economy. Audience members will walk away with a clear understanding of investing in real estate; how to translate financial goals into clear investment actions; and an investment checklist outlining what to look for and what to avoid.

Partner Up! The 3-Step Strategy To Win Your Spouse Over To Real Estate Investing

For high-level professionals and business owners who are ready to invest in real estate and want their partners’ involvement. Jacob & Arleen are both life and business partners who have successfully navigated how to win in their personal and professional lives.

This talk will give insights and strategies on how to navigate fears, recognize misconceptions, and get the right information needed to successfully invest together. Audience members will walk away with a clear understanding of real estate investing; strategies on how to lead the conversation with your partner and address their concerns; and an investment checklist that covers what to look for and what to avoid.

Secure Your Financial Future
Arleen & Jacob Garza help people build passive income by securing stronger, low-risk real estate investments through the power of vertical integration.

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