Arnessa Dowell

CEO of Gracious Guidance, 20-Year Librarian, Speaker

About Arnessa

Arnessa Dowell is the CEO of Gracious Guidance and a 20-year librarian. Over the span of her two-decade-long career, she has worked as a librarian with the US Air Force, US Army, and County Public Libraries across the country.
Many libraries struggle with low user engagement, low employee morale, and low circulation numbers. Arnessa helps libraries overcome this challenge through her four-step implementation process, which helps create sustainable change within their community.
Arnessa is on a mission to get library cards into the hands of 1 million individuals in the United States and help them to see the value of libraries as essential resource centers by 2032.


“The entire building (and patrons) are in your debt for the work you’ve done.”

— Erin B.,
Library Employee

“It is Arnessa’s support and guidance that are helping us all to improve the image of the library within the community.”

— Mary L.,
Information Services Librarian

“She has shown remarkable ability to network with different organizations and effectively organize programs.”

— Col. H. Martin,
Former US Air Force Commander

Speaking Topics

From Paper to Purpose: Actionable Steps to Executing Your Strategic Plan

In her talk, Arnessa outlines her 4-step strategic plan to help library owners fast-track their success and make a real impact on their community.

3 Steps to Saving Your Community: By Reinventing Your Library

Libraries worldwide need to re-think their purpose and adapt to change – both with community needs and expectations. They are no longer simply repositories for old books. Rather, they are vital components of a community’s social and economic infrastructure that connects communities and fosters creativity and innovation. In her talk, Arnessa outlines ways libraries can become true pillars of their respective community.

3 Strategic Steps To Transform Your Library to Meet the Needs of the 21 Century and become the Highlight of Your Community

Libraries become a different kind of learning destination when they are reinvented as open, transparent spaces that invite student communication and collaboration. In her talk, Arnessa outlines 3 steps anyone can take to transform their library into the highlight of their community.
Transforming Lives Through Librarianship
Arnessa helps transform libraries into modern resource centers, and create impactful sustainable communities.

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