Astrid Withrow

Chief Operations Officer Of Tesla Healing Center, Speaker

About Astrid

Astrid Withrow is the brilliant COO of Tesla Healing Center, a pioneer in the field of Quantum Bio-electric Frequency Therapy. Working closely with top expert Kathy Strand, she strives to democratize this science-based therapy and make it accessible to everyone.
Astrid focuses on helping healthcare practitioners who are feeling stressed, time-crunched, and losing patients due to limited treatment options. By incorporating Bio-electric frequency therapies with the Tesla Healing Coalition, practitioners can elevate their practice, provide extended support to patients, and scale their businesses without overworking.
Astrid is on a mission to help 1 million people break free from life-challenging health situations by providing quantum healthcare solutions and tools to 5,000 health practitioners by 2030.


“I was experiencing lasting effects from COVID. When offered some sessions on the frequency machine, I figured it couldn’t hurt. My body started to detox, causing minor headaches and shedding of hair. But as advised, I drank lots of water, and after the 3rd session, the headaches were gone, the lasting covid-brain fog lifted, mental clarity was restored, and I felt re-energized. Not only that, some weeks later, I noticed new hair growth in my natural color, not gray!”
— Pastor D.
“A lingering cold would flare up pretty bad at night, keeping not only me but also my wife awake. After the first frequency session, I noticed the night time sinus pain did not return, and I slept great, which made my wife very happy! After the second session, most symptoms were gone, my energy had returned, and I felt great.”
— Travis
“Wow, this is so easy and impactful!”
— Kysa
“I get to keep my uterus thanks to the Tesla Healing Center!”
— Beth

Speaking Topics

3 Innovative Strategies To Help Your Patients With A Higher Level Of Care Without Any “Woo-Woo” Stuff

Many healthcare providers and medical practitioners want to help their patients with a higher level of care and offer science-based Bio-electric therapy. However, they often don’t know where to start. In her talk, Astrid outlines the safety and science of Bio-electric therapy and how to integrate it into your existing practice. Attendees will walk away knowing they can offer this to their clients and within their clinic without costing them more time, resources, and brain power to take their practice and care to the next level.

Creating Sustainable Clients: Modernize Medicine For The 21st Century In A Way Your Competition Isn’t

In the current era, patients expect healthcare providers to offer a higher level of care. In this keynote talk, Astrid demonstrates how healthcare providers and medical practitioners can modernize their practices and make them more attractive to patients. Attendees will learn how to integrate quantum therapies into their practices, creating a revenue stream that boosts profit and satisfies clients. Astrid will explain how quantum therapy can complement existing patient care, providing attendees with the tools they need to create lifelong clients.
Revolutionize Your Healthcare Practice: Increase Revenue And Client Retention
Astrid offers a seamless “plug and play” model to healthcare providers and medical practitioners, elevating their revenue without requiring significant time commitments. This model also enhances patient satisfaction and success, resulting in health breakthroughs, referrals, and significant profit with ease.

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