Austin Zelan

CEO of Westgate Fund, Investor, Speaker


Austin Zelan is an American entrepreneur, investor, business development consultant, and philanthropist who helps people around the world create financial freedom. Zelan is best known for his expertise in gaining traction for his clients and is considered one of the leading business development experts and financial coaches in the country.

He is the founder of Westgate Fund, a company known for employing tried-and-true financial practices to reduce risk and weather market fluctuations. Zelan uses his technological knowledge to provide creative and sustainable solutions and is widely known for his business customization and automation solutions. His main focus is on investments that create cashflow for his clients and allow them to live the life they deserve.

He’s on a mission to create 100 millionaires through his unique passive income strategies.


“My experience with Westgate Fund has been very positive . . . I have always received detailed notifications and on-time reports. Whenever I have any questions, I reach out to Austin and I receive prompt and helpful answers to my concerns. I would highly recommend anyone looking for an investment opportunity to give Westgate Fund a shot and I am sure you would not go back.”


Speaking Topic

How to Make $100k Passively

Most people are trapped working a 9-5 job that they hate, getting paid way less than what their time is worth. Using
Austin’s proven formula, audience members can completely transform their lives, take back control of their time, and
start making more money than they ever have before – all in the form of passive income.

Austin Zelan is on a mission to equip professionals and entrepreneurs with the financial know-how to earn 6-figures in passive yearly income.

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