Belinda S. Curtis

Founder And CEO Of CarePro Network, Speaker, Coach

Belinda S. Curtis

Belinda S. Curtis, The Carepreneur, is the founder and CEO of CarePro Network. In addition to successfully managing a blended family of five and excelling in her legal profession, Belinda has dedicated over three decades to caring for both her immediate and extended family. Having experienced firsthand the anxiety, overwhelm, and isolation that often accompany the caregiver role, she is driven by a deep passion to support and empower fellow caregivers. Through her compassionate coaching approach, Belinda guides her clients in creating personalized care plans that enable them to alleviate stress, prioritize self-care, pursue their passions, and effectively meet the needs of their loved ones. Belinda is now on a mission to help 10,000 stressed-out family caregivers live their best lives by creating care plans that allow them to care for their loved ones without sacrificing self-care by 2025.


“I have witnessed Belinda wearing many hats over the years. She has been a co-worker of mine, as well as a business owner, Bible student, family caretaker, hostess, dance mom, and lover of people. My mother died in late 2011, and the following year, Belinda assisted me when I called on her – and when I didn’t. She helped relieve some of the load I was carrying in finalizing my mother’s affairs with simple gestures that remain meaningful to me to this day. Belinda CARES and GIVES. Her gift of compassion is backed up by the actions she takes when other people need her help.”
— carol g.
“Ms. Belinda Curtis has been a blessing to me and my family. She helped me by assisting me in 2021 when I needed guidance with my brother who had been in the hospital for over a year with terminal stage 4 COPD. Her willingness to listen and make it a priority to help me with procedures and forms needed to make sure my brother’s medical needs were met was invaluable when I did not know how to proceed. She is a very special person, as she was a caregiver herself with her dear mother, whom she just lost a year ago. Our hearts and our love are with her, forever.”

Speaking Topics

The Gratitude Advantage: Elevating Your Caregiver Journey

In a world where caregivers often prioritize everyone else’s needs above their own, finding time for gratitude can be a challenge. Yet, embracing gratitude has the power to bring a remarkable 10% increase in overall happiness to caregivers’ lives. In her captivating talk, Belinda S. Curtis shares practical insights and real-life examples to help attendees carve out space for gratitude and unlock its profound benefits. Attendees will walk away knowing how and why to leverage gratitude to be successful, how to manage the stress and overwhelm they are feeling, and how to create time to do the things they love without sacrificing care for others.

From Caregiver To Care-Pro: How To Balance Self-Care And Caregiving

When caregiving often takes center stage, caregivers themselves can easily become neglected. In her talk, Belinda S. Curtis reveals the path from caregiver to Care-Pro, empowering attendees to reclaim their own well-being while fulfilling their caregiving responsibilities. Through her proven process, honed by years of experience, Belinda guides participants in unlocking the secrets to balancing their own needs with those they care for. Attendees will discover how to overcome overwhelm, nurture their personal health, and foster resilience, all while providing exceptional care to others.

From Inner Turmoil To Serenity: Unlocking The Path To Lasting Peace

With external critics lurking at every corner, the greatest obstacle to finding true peace often lies within ourselves—the relentless inner voice that undermines our confidence. Discovering serenity means mastering the art of quieting that inner critic, enabling us to shape the life we desire. Join Belinda S. Curtis as she unveils her time-tested process for silencing self-doubt and unlocking inner peace. Gain invaluable mindfulness techniques that empower you to tune out the mental noise, alleviate stress, and enhance your well-being, all while fulfilling your caregiving responsibilities.
Prioritizing Your Own Wellness While Caring For Others
Belinda’s unwavering passion lies in supporting caregivers who experience the burdens of anxiety, overwhelm, and isolation that often accompany their role. She’s on a bold mission to empower 10,000 weary family caregivers to provide exceptional care for their loved ones while prioritizing their own well-being by 2025.

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