Ben Muresan

Co-founder of Humble CEO, Mindset & Business Mentor to over 2,000 Individuals in Investment Strategy and Business Growth

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Ben Muresan is the Co-founder of Humble CEO and a business mentor. He was born in 1985 in Romania, at a time when the country was under communist rule. His family escaped before the revolution and landed in an Austrian refugee camp in 1990.

After immigrating to Canada and eventually reuniting with his siblings, Ben developed a passion for life and a gratitude mindset. He dreamt of building an empire: motivating, entertaining, and investing in other people.

Today, Ben has developed the largest private mortgage company in southwestern Ontario, with a mission to serve young families and make homeownership possible.


“Ben kind of made the entire event. He brings positivity, excitement to the event, he even created a song for the event without even us asking. If you’re thinking about hiring Ben as a speaker, it’s a no-brainer. The guy cares, he genuinely wants to make sure everyone has a good time, and he makes it a memorable event.”


“I did the whole novice investment property
thing…and then I learned all of these better strategies and realized I did it the wrong way, there’s a better way. There were a lot of people in CashFlow Tribe that showed me exactly how to do it.”


“I’ve been telling people for the last 10 years I want to be semi retired by the time I’m 40. The start of covid is what gave me the push to cash flow tribe. This is all what I need to hear. This is exactly the kind of group and people and stuff that I want to be part of.”


Speaking Topic

Live The Life You Deserve Not The Life You Have

Money is a tool and if used correctly, can yield many benefits and increase the bottom line of a business. Ben Muresan helps your audience discover the difference between working hard and actually building a business. He walks them through bringing their real identity to light so that they can live the life they deserve starting now. Audience members will walk away having a measurable financial goal, have more self confidence, and feel like they are in charge of their life financially, spiritually, and emotionally.

“You can live the life you deserve, no matter what your starting point is. Having mentored over 2,000 individuals, I’m on a mission to help people take charge of their life: financially, spiritually, and emotionally.”

– Ben Muresan​


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