Betty Jo Greenlee

Founder of Discover Life Coaching, Speaker

About Betty

Betty Jo is the founder of Discover Life Coaching and a former victim of emotional abuse who needlessly carried the embarrassment and shame of two toxic marriages that ended in divorce. Now, Betty Jo is a victorious survivor who uses everything she learned, climbing out of her pain to help others. Coupling that with her 10 years of experience as a mental health advocate, today, she guides women who feel lost, don’t trust themselves or know what they want, to rise up and take charge of creating a life they love. Her mission is to help 1 million women discover what lights them up so they can start living and giving back by 2025.


“After surviving an abusive marriage, I didn’t realize how much I had lost myself in the past 25 years. I have had personal growth that I truly didn’t think was possible. It feels so empowering to be where I am. I will forever be grateful for what I’ve learned during this coaching journey.”


“The insight Betty teased out of me and the changes she helped me achieve are nothing short of miraculous. She is down to earth, gently honest, and provides a warm, safe space in which you will discover your authentic self and your true wants. Betty is the real deal in the world of coaching.”


“I wanted to get healthier, have more stamina, and endurance, and feel confident. I have found new ways to move and truly enjoy it. I don’t carry any guilt or judgment on myself. I also learned how to slow down and be present in my life.”


“My deepest motivation was to quit vaping and start healthy eating habits as well as add more movement into my daily routine. I have been open to making the best choices for me and my life to be happy and healthy! This is changing my mindset and giving back to myself.”


Speaking Topics

3 Strategies To Love The Skin You’re In

Women are continuously being told how they should love themselves and their bodies. Yet, at the same time, they are bombarded with subliminal messages everywhere telling them they are “not enough.” During this talk, the audience will be inspired to love themselves and take the next steps to uncover the badass they dream to be. They will walk away with having a more healthy approach to their self-image, how to feed their body with no diet attached, and how to maintain high energy levels.

3 Steps To Eliminate Guilt And Fully Love Yourself

Are you sick and tired of the guilt that floods into you when you take time for yourself? Do you find yourself asking for permission to do what you want? Do you feel irritated watching others enjoy life while you’re stuck with obligations? During this session, audience members will get equipped with the steps needed to overcome guilt and truly love themselves. 

Unleash The Power Of Your Voice

For women who shy away when facing conflicts and find themselves scared, frustrated and holding back what they need to say. They may have experienced humiliation or condemnation for speaking up in the past, which prevents them from using their voice when it’s needed most. During this talk, audience members will be empowered to own their voice. They will leave equipped with the courage to state clear boundaries and speak their mind with boldness while communicating effectively.

Claim Your Inner Badass: Unleash Your Personal Power!
On a mission to help 1 million women discover their purpose so they can start living and giving back by 2025.

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