Brenda Lee

CEO of Moding Leadership, Speaker

About Brenda

Brenda Lee is a leadership expert who delivers high-energy, interactive keynote experiences that challenge audiences to get to the root of their leadership gaps. Brenda is the CEO and founder of Modig Leadership. Modig Leadership is different because we don’t just focus on your team, but also the individual leaders within it. We provide skill sets for each leader to help them reach peak performance and operate out of their full potential; which will now be amplified by all members working together as one collective unit – ‘The Team’. We also are a company that takes emotional intelligence seriously. We recognize that every interaction you have within your organization is a relationship and should be treated as such. To function well in a relationship, emotional intelligence is critical for success, and therefore directly increases the profitability of the company. With 90%-95% decisions based on emotions (and no formal training on how to regulate them), think about how this impacts bottom line outcomes? Every decision your employees make, from engaging co-workers to taking risks, will be influenced by what kind of moods they’re in at those moments – which can affect everything from productivity levels, their relatability with their team, and ultimately the profitability the organization sees, or doesn’t!


“Be like 1990’s Nike and JUST DO IT! Everyone needs it, and nobody gets this kind of training, ever.”


“Passion and authenticity are two of those words that get tossed around so easily as company values. Brenda Lee was the embodiment of those values during her presentation at Givent Professional Network. Add some vulnerability and it was a powerful message.”


“I like how Brenda saw right to the heart of matters and didn’t waste time with feelgood crap. She got right in and started digging where it mattered the most. I thought this was going to be lame corporate sponsored ra ra session. Do it, don’t hesitate to hire her.”


Speaking Topic

The Secret to Building Great Teams No One Is Taking About

Great teams don’t just happen, they’re cultivated. In her talk, Brenda equips and empowers C-Suite executives, Senior Management, or owners of companies to to take on that BHAG they’ve been dreaming of. 

She does this by teaching them about building more cohesive teams that can communicate effectively and efficiently.

Brenda’s mission is to help companies reach their goals by developing their leadership team.

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