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Founder of 615-NASH-LAW, Managing Attorney, Speaker

About Brian

Brian Nash is the Founder of 615-NASH-LAW and the host of The Brian Lee Nash Show. As a managing attorney, he is dedicated to helping those injured and has served thousands of clients over the last 12 years. Nash also partners with other attorneys to go from being overwhelmed and overworked to less stressed – helping them generate passive income without working additional hours.
Brian Nash is on a mission to help 2,500 attorneys defeat overwhelm and earn more income without working longer hours by 2027.


“Nash is my go-to source for passive income. When I have an injury client come into my estate planning practice, I send them all to 615-NASH-LAW.”
— Christian Polniak, Polniak Law Founding Attorney

“Nash is a great resource for the injury cases I don’t handle. I know it will be easy and stress-free.”

— Will Tippens, Tippens Law Founding Attorney
“If I have a question on an injury case, I call Nash at 615-NASH-LAW. I am confident he will have not only my best interest at heart but also my client’s.”
— Daniel Nesheiwat, Nesheiwat Law Group, Co-Founder
“I have a great referral relationship with Nash and 615-NASH-LAW. I know each and every one of our mutual clients is well taken care of.”
— Eric Phillips, Partner at Hagar & Phillips PLLC

Speaking Topic

3 Ways Attorneys Can Generate Passive Income Without Working Longer Hours

Many attorneys are overwhelmed, overworked, and underappreciated at their firms. They may be unequipped to handle cases outside of their specialty, or have trouble keeping up with the demand of their current clients. Moreover, most attorneys think the only way to generate more income is to take on more clients, and that passive income is not possible. In his talk, Brian Nash outlines a way attorneys can build passive income in their practice without working additional hours. Audience members will learn how they can generate more money without more stress and have the ability to achieve a work-life balance.
Helping Attorneys Create Passive Income Without Working Additional Hours
Brian Nash helps overwhelmed attorneys generate more passive income without working longer so they can achieve work-life balance.

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