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CEO Of The Jumpstart Queen LLC, Speaker, Coach

About Brita Michelle

Brita Michelle is the CEO of The Jumpstart Queen LLC. After a 30-year career “back stage” in the Music Industry, managing accounts with icons such as Prince and Death Row Records, she is ready to take “center stage” to empower those struggling with obesity to achieve their weight loss goals. She knows a thing or two about this struggle because she has found the sweet spot of weight loss success and shares it in her signature 4-step wellness system. That sweet spot isn’t the beginning (because everyone can get started). It’s not at the end (because there is always a crowd at the finish line). The sweet spot is in the middle – the toughest spot…the loneliest spot – which is also the place where radical celebration must take place daily in order to reach the finish line. With her trademark blend of comedy and no-nonsense advice, she guides others to overcome obstacles, stay motivated, and achieve wellness goals, no matter how high the scale or how many times they may have stumbled in the past.

Brita Michelle is on a mission to empower 400,000 individuals to lose over 40 million lbs by 2027.


“Brita Michelle possesses a magnetic energy that attracts and engages seekers of joy. She shares her knowledge with wisdom and practical tools that yield undeniable transformation.”

— Sarah Jakes Roberts, New York Times BEST-SELLER WOMAN EVOLVE

“I have had the pleasure of working with Brita Michelle for some time now. What I admire most about her is her unwavering determination to find solutions, even when faced with seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Her positive attitude and can-do spirit make her a valuable asset to any team, and her enthusiasm is contagious!” 

— Lalah Hathaway, 5 Time Grammy Winner

“Brita Michelle is a captivating speaker and multi-gifted businesswoman whose presence brings a smile to anyone she encounters. We look forward to witnessing her entertain and inspire countless others on her weight loss journey.”


“Your father and I always knew what the world is about to witness. He named you at a young age Little Ms. Hollywood. You’ve captivated rooms since you were a little girl. Your straightforward advice is nothing but brilliant, all topped with humor and evidence of your love for God. Truly your father is smiling from heaven and cheering you on! I introduce you to the World with proudness.”


Speaking Topics

Wellness Can’t Weight: How to Remove the Mental and Emotional Barriers to the Life You Want

Are you tired of waiting for the perfect day to start your weight loss journey or waiting to find the convenient diet that fits your busy lifestyle? You can’t wait anymore because the weight of being unhealthy affects your body, mind, and spirit. Brita Michelle has been there, and she’s ready to share her secrets for celebrating every step of the journey and finally getting the life you want. In this inspiring talk, she’ll guide your attendees through her signature process for achieving weight loss and wellness, all while learning to appreciate the journey and find joy in the little victories. Their future as the new version of themselves is within sight.

3 Simple Strategies To Jumpstart Your Weight Loss Even If the Journey’s Been a Roller Coaster

Are you tired of the endless weight loss yo-yo’ing? Are you ready to take control of your journey to wellness and achieve lasting success? After experimenting on herself using multiple strategies, Brita Michelle finally found what worked and created her simple yet powerful 4-step CMVS Wellness Jumpstart System™. When she shares this system, attendees will jumpstart their mindset to an empowered and confident level. Through her witty stories and practical advice, they will learn what thoughts to keep and what behaviors to discard so they can get off the weight loss roller coaster. Don’t miss this life-changing talk and take the first step towards a healthier and happier you.

Maintaining Motivation in the Middle of Your Weight-Loss Journey

Through her own stops and starts, successes and failures, Brita Michelle has found 4 simple steps that can supercharge an individual’s motivation during the long middle passage to weight loss. Unlike others who cross the finish line and then share their process, Brita Michelle is guiding the journey with others while she achieves her goal and helps you do the same. With a bold mission to help 400,000 people lose a total of 40 million lbs by 2027, Brita Michelle will fight for your success while she fights for her own.

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