Cameron Williams

Founder of KynLi Consulting LLC, Helping Marketing Agencies Make More Money & Lower Taxes

About Cameron

Cameron Williams is the CEO and Founder of KynLi Consulting LLC. He has 11 years of experience within the accounting industry in both private and public accounting, serving tech, card processing, energy, PR, and other industries. Over the past 5 years, he has helped hundreds of marketing agencies and business owners save over $600,000+ in taxes and make more money while streamlining their finances in the process.

Cameron’s practical strategies not only clearly communicate the confusing accounting and tax world but empower business owners to take control of their money so that they can live the life they want and create the company they always imagined strategically.

Cameron is on a mission to impact 300 marketing agencies with his financial strategies to grow their impact and income by 2030.


“I’ve had the pleasure of working with KynLi Accounting for the first time this year. What I appreciated most about working with Cameron was his willingness to take time and answer all questions and concerns. He made himself available and took time to explain things in detail so they were understandable, unlike accountants I’ve worked with in the past who could barely be contacted. Cameron has poured into us and has been an encouraging presence. We consider him a friend of the family. I would definitely recommend KynLi Accounting.”
— Tony M.
“We’ve had an excellent experience using Cameron for personal tax services. He was among a list of referred accountants to us. I was not disappointed. From there, the professionalism was the best we’ve ever received regarding tax services. Cameron is highly knowledgeable, savvy, and most of all, honest. He conducted a Zoom meeting to go over all the details of our personal taxes. He even gave us advice on how to set up our small business and the steps to get started the right way. I highly recommend him and his services to anyone. He is not merely a transactional type accountant; he creates relationships via knowledge sharing and fiduciary responsibility.”
— Quinton S.
“If you want no stone unturned, then turn to KynLi Accounting for all your financial needs. My wife and I had a few different complexities to our taxes this year. But Cameron and his team were very knowledgeable of the tax codes/laws and helped us through the process the whole way. Thankful.”
— Marquise C.
“I made the switch to KynLi after using a large “big box” tax service, and I couldn’t have been happier making the switch. Cameron takes the time to explain everything to me, takes the time to answer all my questions, and has given me confidence in the finances of my business. I’d absolutely recommend ANYONE to switch (or start) with Cameron.”
— Jonathan S.

Speaking Topic

Why Your Current Accountant Is Costing Your Agency 5-Figures Or More In Taxes And How To Fix It FAST

For agencies who are overwhelmed with their finances, know their cash flow reporting is inaccurate, and want better control of their money. Cameron outlines how to determine exactly what you need to have in place to master your cash, scale the RIGHT way, and keep money away from Uncle Sam.
Audience members will learn how to save on taxes, the power of forecasting, and why evolving is necessary for your business to scale.
Specializing In Accounting & Consulting For Marketing Agencies & Coaches
Cameron Williams uses his proven three-part methodology to help business owners save on taxes and maximize their bottom line.

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