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Carlos Estrada Vega is a veteran who started his entrepreneurial journey as a real estate investor, focusing on residential, wholesale fix and flips with his company Warrior Investors – which became an 8-figure business. A common obstacle he found with many entrepreneurs he interacted with was having the ability to get funding to start their new venture.

He founded Credit Assassins™ to help others get the same Vantage Point in business credit, as he always had on the Battle Field with the military. He developed a system that teaches owners and businesses to build a stronger foundation for better business credit, no matter the state of their current credit score.

He’s on a mission to help navigate people through the credit system and create passive income and generational wealth through their business.


“Credit Assassins and their Coaches has been so patient and supportive through this process. 360 Business Vantage gave me the leg up to get the financing my company needed.”


“Just wanted to recognize how Credit Assassins have help me keep focus on one task at a time to complete before moving on. This has improved my business credibility!!!! It’s been a great experience so far on building the business credit!! Looking forward to continue!”


 “Credit Assassins has been phenomenal! I had so many unanswered questions before coming here that are now resolved. Actually my jaws hurt from dropping every time they WOW me!! I am so grateful and thankful for being here. It has been absolutely amazing. I can’t wait to share my future success stories, over and over again.” 


Speaking Topics

Get Financing For Your Business In 90 Days or Less

Business lending is nothing like personal lending, it is crucial that you know and understand the differences before you start applying for business loans.

One of the way business lending is different than personal lending is that if you sharpen your applications with multiple business lenders and get declined, those lenders will decline you even though you pre-qualify for their programs.

Therefore, you want to make sure you pre-qualify for a specific funding program before you apply with any business lenders or business credit providers.

One of the key elements of our 12 Point Business Success Assessment is the free qualification for multiple types of business funding programs before you apply your assessment results report to you which funding programs you prequalify for now, and what you need to do to qualify for more in the future.

For those programs that you qualify for now; you are then able to speak with our funding advisor who will discuss with you your best options to obtain the maximum amounts at the lowest rates.

There are 11 other key elements that will be scanned forward and reported to you when you run a free business success assessment.

We are here to guide you to get the lending that your business needs.

Carlos Estrada Vega is on a mission to help 10,000 businesses to obtain 1 billion dollars in lending by 2025.

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