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CEO Of 10X Retirement, Reverse Mortgage Advisor, Speaker

About Chad

Chad Hartsfield is the founder of 10X Retirement, a company that empowers financial planners to grow and retain their client base and increase their assets under management. He has spent decades in the industry, helping thousands of planners unlock the hidden potential of their clients’ home equity. He teaches them how to use simple and proven strategies to leverage an often overlooked but powerful financial tool: reverse mortgages. Chad is on a mission to help 40 million seniors get the most equity out of their homes so they can retire comfortably, increase cash flow, have peace of mind, and enjoy life by 2035.


“I have known Chad Hartsfield for about ten years as we met while he was a mortgage broker. I have used him for mortgages for my clients and for reverse mortgages as well. His knowledge of reverse mortgages are far superior to most mortgage representatives. I would consider Chad Hartsfield one of the finest mortgage reps and would recommend him to anyone, including my personal friends.”
— Louis W. Kaufmann, Real Estate Broker
“I was referred to Chad Hartsfield to learn more about reverse mortgages as I just turned a widow approximately 1 year ago. He was able to show me, along with my son, what a reverse mortgage could do for my daily needs. As well, he showed me how it would work for my kids when I pass on.”
— Betty Wilson, Reverse Mortgage Client
““Thank you, Chad, for being a part of our podcast last week. It was a great show, and we will definitely have you back on to discuss reverse mortgages more in-depth. We appreciate you always doing what you say, and taking great care of our clients.” ”
— Michael Frost, Mach 1 -Financial Planner
“What a day at the Amazeum! We gave away 252 bikes to kids in NW, Arkansas who couldn’t afford a bike, helmet, and water bottle on their own for Christmas. We appreciate you putting the event together Chad, and we will be dropping off cards that kids and a few classrooms of kids put together for you, and your team as a ‘Thank You’ Can’t wait to see what we do next year to top it!”
— Kenny Williams, Pedal It Forward Charity

Speaking Topics

4 Secrets That Every Advisor Should Know When A Retiree Relocates

Financial planners face many challenges in today’s uncertain and competitive world. They have to consider many factors when helping clients plan for their retirement goals. One of the most important and often overlooked factors is relocation. In his talk, Chad Hartsfield reveals 4 secrets that every advisor should know when a retiree moves to a new home. He shows how relocation can be a golden opportunity to boost retirement income, why downsizing is usually a bad idea, how to use reverse mortgages the right way, and how to relocate safely without losing assets. Attendees will leave with practical and proven strategies to help themselves and their clients achieve retirement success.

Preserving Wealth, Enhancing Lives: 3 Essential Strategies To Secure Long-Term Care Without Draining Retirement Accounts

Home care is one of the biggest expenses that can drain your clients’ retirement savings. Many Americans end up paying thousands of dollars for nursing homes or assisted living facilities that they don’t want or need. In his talk, Chad Hartsfield shows financial planners how to help their clients stay in their own homes and use their home equity to pay for long-term care. He reveals three simple and effective strategies to help their clients preserve more of their wealth and expand their service offerings. Attendees will learn how to increase the lifespan and satisfaction of their clients, and in turn, increase their assets under management.

Liberate Your Income: Strategies To Break Free from Uncle Sam’s Grip

Your clients deserve to keep more of their hard-earned money and enjoy a steady income stream. But many of them are unaware of the opportunities and strategies that can help them save more and make more. In his talk, Chad Hartsfield unveils powerful strategies and little-known opportunities that can significantly boost your clients’ financial outcomes. Gain insider insights on how to help your clients retain their hard-earned money, unlock the secrets to reducing tax burdens, and equip yourself with the tools to surpass the competition in the financial planning industry. Attendees will leave with practical techniques to generate monthly income while avoiding Uncle Sam, ultimately transforming the way they serve their clients and secure their financial future.
Unleashing The Power Of Reverse Mortgages: Transforming The Retirement For Millions Of Seniors
Chad empowers financial planners to grow and retain their client base, and increase their assets under management by using a hidden gem of a financial tools: reverse mortgages. His vision is to help 40 million seniors tap into their home equity and achieve their retirement dreams by 2035.

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