Chris Luna

CEO Of Luna Capital

About Chris

Chris Luna is a multi-family real estate investment expert and the host of the highly successful podcast “On The Come Up.” With his extensive experience, he has helped numerous new real estate investors achieve financial success by creating millions of dollars in cash flow and appreciation.

Chris is known as a highly sought-after leader in the real estate industry and offers busy professionals guidance on multi-family investing, from how to communicate with brokers to underwriting deals and raising money from investors, all to achieve millionaire status on their journies to success.

Chris is on a mission to educate 1,000 real estate investors to acquire $500,000,000 in multifamily deals by 2026.


“If you need a mentor, Chris Luna is in the game. He’s going around learning everyone else’s real estate secrets and sharing them with you.”
— Robert Martinez, Operator of Rockstar Capital

Speaking Topics

3 Steps To Buying Your First Apartment Building

Are you ready to take your real estate investments to the next level? Join Chris Luna, host of the “On The Come Up” podcast and widely recognized leader in the multi-family investment space, as he shares the three essential steps to making multifamily apartments an attainable goal. In this talk, Luna will guide attendees through the process of understanding what they need to buy their first apartment building, accessing the elusive “good deals,” and effectively raising capital for their first multifamily apartment building. With clear next steps and expert advice, your audience will walk away equipped to get into multifamily real estate fast and upgrade their real estate portfolio.

Buy Bigger: How To Use Seller Financing To Purchase Your First Apartment Building

Are you looking to grow your real estate portfolio? With interest rates on the rise, now is the time to explore the potential of apartment building investing. In this talk, Chris Luna will guide your audience through the process of buying property in today’s market. Attendees will learn what makes a good deal when it comes to multi-family apartments, discover alternative ways to purchase property, and gain actionable steps to effectively raise capital and grow their portfolio. By the end of this talk, your audience will leave with the knowledge and confidence to pursue their dream investments.

Multi-Family Apartments 101: Understanding The Basics Of Real Estate Investing

The real estate market can be daunting, with confusing terms and market jargon that can overwhelm new investors. In this talk, Chris Luna simplifies the process and helps attendees understand the basics of establishing themselves as real estate professionals, finding their first multi-family apartment deal, and effectively raising capital. By the end of the talk, your audience will feel empowered and knowledgeable about the real estate world, able to spot their first big multi-family apartment deal and know how to secure it. They will also learn how to raise capital through various strategies they may not have considered before. Don’t let the market lingo scare you, real estate investing can be easier than you think.

Building Multi-Family Real Estate Empires

Chris Luna is driven to educate and empower real estate investors. Through comprehensive operations-based training, he equips them with the skills needed for effective property management that facilitates the acquisition of multi-family real estate.

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