Chris Linger & Maricela Soberanes

Co-Founders of Up Plex Multifamily Investments, $100M Real Estate Portfolio Under Management

About Chris Linger & Maricela Soberanes

Chris Linger and Maricela Soberanes are accredited real estate investors and principals at Up Plex Capital LLC. Having built a personal portfolio valued at over $100M, they’ve created significant passive income for themselves and their investors by finding the best properties today’s market can offer.

Maricela is a Navy veteran, self-published author, and medical missionary to third-world countries. She has been investing in real estate since 2006 and successfully grew a personal rental portfolio before becoming a full-time syndicator.

Chris Linger has an MBA, twenty-seven years of active duty Navy services, is now a full-time apartment syndicator and mentors hundreds of aspiring investors.

Together, they are passionate about helping aspiring professionals become passive real estate investors, build their wealth, and achieve financial independence. 


 “I’ve said it before, I’ll say it 100 times. We owe our success to you both. Great mentors like you [Chris & Maricela] have helped tremendously!”

— S. Enyard, Anchor Atlas Properties Founder

 “After seeing and relating to some of my frustrations, they drove two hours to help with our four-plex renovation. Chris & Maricela are always a wealth of knowledge.”

— C. Byler, Passive Patriots Founder

 “My wife and I thank our lucky stars that we worked with Chris and Maricela, they are so organized and always willing to make a win-win situation.”

— – S. McDonald, McDonald Homes

Speaking Topic

Passive Investing Made Easy: Increasing Passive Income To Live The Life You Deserve

This is for busy medical professionals and business owners who want to use apartment investing as a strategy to create a source of passive income. Designed for those with no prior experience, audience members will walk away with a personalized investing strategy they can implement starting immediately to shelter their income from high taxes.  

Chris and Maricela elevate others providing wealth-building, passive investment opportunities through real estate.

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