Dan Fairbanks

CEO and Founder of XION and Co-Founder of Thatch

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About Dan

Dan Fairbanks is a serial entrepreneur who has started over 7 companies, including a running store chain, an e-commerce marketplace, and a point of sale software company. Dan knows firsthand how hard it is to succeed as a local retailer and small e-commerce store. He is now on a mission to create a world where shopping small retail is seamless, and operating a small retail business in-person or online is low-risk, profitable, and fun. 

To achieve his vision, Dan founded XION, a company that connects the independent retailer with the community allowing customers to easily shop for the products they want locally. XION also provides small retailers with the tools they need to successfully compete with big e-commerce and better run their businesses.


“Dan is innovative and a serial entrepreneur. He shares his leadership perspective and what it means to be proactive in addressing pain points. The highlight of talking with Dan was gleaning from his experience and belief that the best opportunities come out of relationships, and leveraging other people’s genius.” 

— Bobby Albert

“Dan Fairbanks is a former student/mentee of mine, whom I have followed through multiple ideas and startups. With XION Ecommerce, he has followed lean startup practices and has validated his customer and business model. Dan is tenacious, persistent, and hard-working. He’s a winner. The business model seems to be resonating with the target B2B customer.” 

— John Richards

“They’ve been very understanding, helpful, they created a tailored system specifically for me and my business. I don’t see that out there with many other POS systems. It’s been user-friendly for me and my employees.” 

— Brian Mundell

“Dan has helped us streamline everything and made us way more productive and profitable.” 

— Chip Bullen

Speaking Topics

How to Increase Revenue by Saving Your Technicians Time

Many businesses waste time with faulty procedures when tracking orders, making phone calls, keeping track of jobs, and finding work orders. In his talk, Dan outlines his top time-saving techniques with work order tracking that any local business can follow, and how it can boost your bottom line. 

The Future of Retail Is Not Amazon

Will Amazon monopolize all of retail and e-commerce? Dan Fairbanks argues there’s still power in the local retail market. In his talk, audience members will learn how they can “beat” Amazon by working smarter and using the right technology to run their business.

Providing small retailers with the tools they need to successfully compete with big e-commerce, better run their businesses, and fundamentally change the way retail is operated!

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