David Encarnacion

Founder of Daycare AccountingPRO, Tax Strategist, Speaker

About David

David Encarnacion is a Tax Strategist, Speaker, and Founder of Daycare AccountingPRO. His boutique accounting practice has exclusively serviced the daycare industry for over 10 years.
He has put together a team of strategic thinkers focused on exploring tax strategies, uncovering hidden gems in the tax code, and executing outside-the-box tactics that will increase revenues, save on taxes, and bring unsurmountable value to the daycare industry. He helps relieve owners of any accounting-related issues so they can enjoy peace of mind and focus on building their businesses. David’s mantra is: “Daycare owners suffer from an inherent number of challenges; accounting should NOT be one.”
David is on a mission to empower 1,000 daycare owners to serve 100,000 families while financially prospering in any economy.


“Let me start by saying David is amazing!!! I started working with David on my business & personal taxes 5 years ago, and he has saved me THOUSANDS each and every year!! I highly recommend David for tax services. He knows his stuff really well and will always educate you throughout the process. I would not change him for the world! Clients will feel peace of mind, vacation worry-free, and see the difference in their tax savings.”

— Nekea Whitson, Brainiac Babies

“When I started my business, I had an LLC, and the amount of tax I was paying was astronomical. Then, I met David, and he suggested we switch to an S-Corp, and my tax bill went down more than 50%, and I am using those savings to grow my business.”

— Mariela Eduardo, First Bloom Daycare

“David was recommended to me about 7 years ago because I received a worker’s comp penalty audit and was frantic because I was paying my employees on a 1099. He first calmed me down, then explained what we needed to do, and I have to say that he advised me correctly; he was able to get my $15,000 penalty waived and put me on the right path. Love you David!”

— Doris Perez, Doris Daycare

Speaking Topic

3 Strategies Daycare Owners Can Use To Lower Their Tax Liability And Achieve Financial Peace Of Mind

Daycare owners suffer from an inherent number of challenges, and accounting shouldn’t be one of them. In his talk, David outlines strategies to lower one’s tax liability and relieve financial burdens – so they can focus on their top priority of creating a safe, nurturing learning environment. Audience members will learn how to deduct everyday expenses they may be missing; how to implement simple tax strategies in their business; and how to overcome common challenges that negatively affect most daycare businesses. These strategies can be implemented whether a daycare business is generating $50K or several million per year.
Reduce Your Tax Liability And Unlock Your Daycare’s Growth Potential!
Daycare owners suffer from a variety of challenges, and accounting shouldn’t be one of them. David helps daycare owners increase their revenue by 25%, cut costs, and save thousands in taxes in less than 60 days!

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