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About Donnalynn

Donnalynn Riley has been coaching business people to become masters of their emotions, communication, relationships and success for over a decade. From a career on Broadway to being CEO of a multimillion-dollar corporation, her own journey helped her understand and create strategies for managing herself and surpassing every goal. She has been featured on FOX, ABC, NBC, and CBS, and is the host of the Finding Your Spark podcast.
Donnalynn is now on a mission to inspire 42 million women to prioritize their joy and emotional well-being so they can show up as the best version of themselves!


“There’s a little part of me that’s afraid of being content in the life that I built. Sometimes I feel like the other shoe is going to drop. This work with Donnalynn has helped me to let go of feeling like I have to be in control all the time. I found my happy place.”

—Dawn Bullett

The recordings & other tools are the most helpful to improve my mental state. The weekly coaching helped me envision better conditions in my life. My confidence and ability to stay calm and control the emotional roller coaster have all improved.”

— Danielle Tucker

“I have felt so fully present in a way that I haven’t before. I’m finding a new focus and a higher level of impact, a higher level of service in what I do and what I provide. The results so far have been amazing. I just wanted to say thank you. This has been priceless.”

— Josh Aronovitch

“People have described me as ‘peppy,’ ‘happy-go-lucky,’ ‘easy-going,’ but I also get stuck in ruts for days or even weeks. I’m more aware of how my vibrational surroundings have prepared me for happiness in real life. Now I am regularly calmer, more patient & positive, happier, and enjoying my life.”

— Molly Henderson

Speaking Topics

The 3 Keys to Unconditional Joy

Many high achievers have achieved success, but not happiness. They struggle with anxiety, jealousy, or worry and feel disconnected from their true purpose. They want to create a life they love, but don’t know how. In this talk, the speaker will reveal the 3 keys to unconditional joy that will transform their mindset, emotions, and actions. The audience will discover strategies and practical tools to create a life of ease, wellbeing, abundance, and joy. They will also learn the one tool to instantly deal with negative emotions and reclaim their power.

The Secret To Happiness And Emotional Well-being

For female entrepreneurs who struggle with frustration, worry, and disappointment and are ready to find deep satisfaction and well-being. In her talk, Donnalynn discusses the biggest secret to help tap into your best most joyous self and create the life of your dreams. Audience members will discover how to use solitude to improve their well-being, the one tool to deal with frustration or disappointment instantly, and how to tap into your best self no matter the circumstances.

3 Truths For Leaders To Unlock Their Potential For Lifelong Joy

This topic is for professional women struggling with frustration, anxiety, or disappointment when leading their teams. They are not ready to be a team player or lead their team even though they have incredible potential. In her talk, Donnalynn outlines the framework and tools to create a stable emotional well-being to peacefully interact with others. Audience members will discover the key to making changes in their life; navigating unexpected challenges that arise; and to use peace and happiness as secret weapons when in a leadership position.
Find And Nurture Your Spark of Joy Donnalynn helps people achieve breakthroughs in their emotional well-being, and reach a newfound level of happiness in their lives.

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