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About Dr. Amber

Dr. Amber Joy Daniel is a transformational coach, author, and motivational speaker. Her journey is one from underdog to successful entrepreneur, mentor and mother. Her prowess as a Destiny Strategist has led to her clients experiencing monumental shifts in life and destiny. Her training in Leadership Development alongside decades of ministry and counseling have afforded her a unique perspective. As a result, Amber cuts to the root of the issues challenging her clients and communicates cutting edge Kingdom applications for unique situations. 

Her clients have gone from single with no prospects at all, to married in a year or less; unemployed to employed; overlooked to promoted; and from floundering in destiny to living on purpose. They credit these successes to working with Amber. Hearing her speak is just the beginning of a brand new destiny adventure.


“The feedback I received after the conference was fully steeped in gratitude and thankful for Amber’s ability to say what they didn’t know how to say. To stand for their desires even when they thought those dreams had died as well as to lift the burden off of them as they now knew they were not alone.”


“They chuckled and blushed at her realness, comments bubbled from the chat of how her words were connecting and resounding in their own experiences. They were drinking her in and I knew they too had experienced, “The Amber Effect!”


“Amber’s delivery was exemplary. By combining life lessons as examples, and throwing in the occasional humor she give our audience immediate and useful take-aways.”

— ANN P.

Speaking Topics

How To Go From Single To Soulmate Without: Compromising Your Faith, Losing Your Virtue, Or Dating A Bunch Of Jerks

Amber unlocks three strategies for moving from single to soulmate that will help women retain their worth and values as they navigate the single space. Amber encourages singles to align their dating practice with their values, seek mentorship and look for a spiritual connection. When applied together, these strategies have the profound impact of collapsing time for women who desire to come into covenant relationships. Amber also gives tools that deliver the transformation and shares where they could find more resources to help them complete their journey. Your audience will feel seen, heard, understood, loved, empowered and equipped to take their destiny in relationships and other areas of life.

Talk, Write: How to Power Down, Communicate Well & Have It All

Amber provides a novel approach to dealing with the communication and culture issues that plague organizations. She discusses the 4 pillars to frame communication, content, tone, and timing. Each person will walk away with specific, actionable strategies they can implement immediately to get them heard and respected, at higher levels, in their organizations.

Fate Vs. Destiny

Using the 4 pillars, Dr. Amber gives her audience a snapshot of where they are in life and destiny. The audience can then identify if they’ve been living out their fate or taking their destiny. Amber shares strategies the audience can use to get from where they are to where they want to be. Then, she challenges them to do what it takes to be, do, and have all that they truly desire.

Let Amber help your audience get unstuck, find their soulmate, and shift their destiny.

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