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About Dr. Keith Johnson

For more than 25 years, Amazon Best-Selling author Dr. Keith Johnson has been known all over the world as an Internationally Acclaimed Confidence Coach and Speaker. He holds a Doctorate of Philosophy in Theology and serves as the President of Destiny College International. 

With his transformational message, Dr. J has had the honor of coaching more than one million leaders to elevate their levels of success to be more, do more, and have more than they ever imagined. There was a day when America’s #1 Confidence Coach had no confidence at all. After his first business failed, after accruing $180,000 in credit card debt, and after having to move in with his mother-in-law, Dr. J discovered the principles to lift himself—and anyone—from poverty to prosperity.

Today, Dr. J is empowering entrepreneurs through the Three Pillars of Success: increase their CONFIDENCE; create a lifestyle of LIVING WEALTHY; and climb the mountain of LEADERSHIP to make a huge positive difference in their world and the world around them.


Keith Johnson has unique insights, humor and teaches life-changing principles that will increase your financial confidence and allow you to more fully live your purpose.
— Les Brown, #1 Motivational Speaker In The World
“I turned to Dr. Keith when I needed the right strategy to grow and scale my organization financially.” 

— Rabbi Daniel Lapin, Author “Thou Shall Prosper”

“Keith Johnson is a founding member of the John Maxwell Team. Confidence in oneself is the cornerstone of leadership. It is difficult for those who do not believe in themselves to have much faith in anyone else. Self-confidence brings confidence in others.”
“Wealth. Most would say ‘not me’. Yet, you could be cash poor and life rich or life poor and cash rich. My friend Keith Johnson helps us understand you can be both. He reminds us there is wisdom in living wealthy. You will not find philosophical concepts, rather you’ll find practical steps into your wealth. We can all be wealthy – let Keith Johnson show you how.”

— Dr. Sam Chand, Named In The Top 30 Global Leadership List

“Leadership is the key! The success of your church, your business, your ministry and your family is dependent on the quality of leadership in each. In his insightful and powerful book, The LQ Solution, Keith Johnson provides a comprehensive look at the vital need for leadership and practical ways to become a more effective leader. Read this book thoroughly and with much consideration – your own leadership will determine your legacy.”


“Dr. Keith Johnson knows how to ‘WOW’ the audience. People enthusiastically jump to their feet and cheer when he finishes his speech. He is definitely the world’s greatest speaker on the subject of confidence building and peak performance. If you want to quickly change the lives of your team and double the size of your organization….you need to have this guy speak to your organization.”


Speaking Topics

The FA$T Experience: How To Experience Abundance, Accelerate Results & Eliminate Bad Debt

This talk is for Christian entrepreneurs who want to use the 7 Financial Tracks as a strategy to experience abundance, accelerate results and eliminate bad debt. Attendees will walk away with the three BIGGEST financial mistakes they can avoid to increase wealth fast, which include: 1) Take full responsibility for their current financial status; 2) Set 10X financial targets; and 3) Identify new income streams to multiply income. 

The Confidence Experience

Many leaders report employee disengagement, procrastination and hesitancy to take initiative in the workplace. It has become an epidemic in a society where mediocrity is rewarded. However, these are indicators that there is a lack of confidence personally, in management and the organization as a whole. In order to unlock a person’s potential and increase organizational productivity, you must first address the “confidence problem” in the core of the human heart. Dr. Keith Johnson shows attendees how to maximize their leadership potential and effectiveness through building their confidence. 

The LQ Experience

Business culture has spent 20 years inundated with one leadership book after another. Yet, we are creating less true leaders in all sectors of society including business, church and government than ever in history. The real problem? We are quick to diagnose the head without ever fixing the heart. It isn’t about your IQ, EQ or GQ…it’s your LQ; your Leadership Quotient. Dr. Keith Johnson shows attendees how to develop their LQ and it all begins with an inner knowing that you are designed to lead.

Dr. Keith Johnson is on a mission to empower 100 million Christian entrepreneurs through the Three Pillars of Success: Confidence, Leadership and Wealth.

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