Dr. Kizzy Parks

Founder of GovCon Winners, awarded over $50 million in federal government contracts

About Dr. Kizzy Parks

Dr. Kizzy Parks is the president of K. Parks Consulting and Guiness World record holder who has won over $50 Million in government contracts.

Today, she is still in the contracting trenches. She actively finds, bids, and wins Federal Government Contracts and has established a winning, repeatable approach.

Through GovCon Winners™ Ultimate Edge, she is passionate about equipping service-based small business owners with the tools, systems, and know-how needed to win profitable government contracts without stressing over every little step.


“I had no idea how to get a government contract when I started working with Kizzy. Kizzy does a fantastic job of describing how to look for opportunities within the government. The idea of having an entrepreneurial mindset is brilliant. In addition, I appreciated how she addressed the importance of having a good relationship with your point of contact and your team. For me, the transformation was being open to any opportunity, being able to win a contract without prior success, and most of all building relationships.”
— Sri Mahabir
“I had the pleasure of working with Kizzy as she walked me by the step by step framework needed to draft and pitch my first consulting proposal. Her strategies and marketing techniques were truly amazing as she helped me feel confident and secured. It landed me a huge partnership with a well known university with over 5k of multiple contracts. I wouldn’t have been able to do this without her, you definitely reach out to her she’s got that MAGIC touch.”
— Harleny Vasquez
“If you’re tired of handing over your hard-earned money to “experts” only to find yourself working harder than ever… I was too. So I invested in a tested and refined process that works — so you can stop wasting time and start winning profitable government contracts in the shortest amount of time possible. And the best news is, it’s not rocket science or “black box” knowledge that only a handful of people in the world know… it’s a solid, repeatable system proven to work It’s not just an ebook, but a real step-by-step Zoom weekly training that does what all the others don’t. If you’re serious about winning government contracts, GovCon Winners™ is a must have!”
— Chuck Tyler
“GovCon Winners has given me the boost of confidence I needed to clearly define my target market in government and stop chasing opportunities that I’ve outgrown. Dr. Kizzy is knowledgeable as an actual contract holder with over $50 million that she and her team have won. There are no textbook answers, she has given me advice that I needed to make key decisions for scalable growth in the government space. Her proven strategy has put me in a position to win not only in GovCon but as an entrepreneur!”
— Caryn Clopton

Speaking Topic

The $500 Billion Dollar Market You May Be Overlooking

Most people are unaware that the Federal Government Spends over $500 Billion annually on contracts, and it’s a market they can tap into. Moreover, those who try often feel confused and overwhelmed when bidding for contracts, leading them to quit prematurely. In her talk, Dr. Kizzy Parks outlines her 5 Phase Approach to win profitable federal government contracts.
A proven step-by-step process to find, bid, and win profitable government contracts.

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