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Founder of rRest, Research Biochemist, Speaker, Educator

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About Dr. Mitra

Dr. Mitra Ray is a research biochemist, speaker, and Co-Founder of rRest. She received her Bachelors of Science at Cornell University and her PhD from Stanford Medical School. Her research has been published in such prestigious journals as Science, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and the Journal of Cell Biology. She is the recipient of many NIH grants and the Young Investigator Award from the Federation of American Societies in Experimental Biology. 

With over 30 years of experience, she is one of the leading whole food experts in the world and has helped people achieve remarkable success in looking and feeling better. She’s helped build a billion-dollar company and wrote the Shred 10 program, which is used by tens of thousands of health and wellness professionals globally. Audiences on 4 countries enjoy her award-winning books, audios and lectures on health, beauty, brain function and longevity. Her mission and commitment is to educate and inspire people about how plant-based, whole foods create simple, sustainable beauty, mental clarity and vitality.


“I have done it all: ontological coaching, hypnotherapy, talk therapy, plant medicines, CBT, the list goes on and on, and I have never had a more transformative experience in such a short period of time thanks to rREST and my rREST coach. Every issue I brought to our sessions has been completely eradicated.”

— Brittany Cotton

“If you feel like you can’t shake that feeling of overwhelm I recommend you work with a rREST coach. Because you really can have all of the connection and joy you desire.”


“I started working with a rREST coach and now instead of being in the dark, I’ve stepped into the light. rREST saved my life.”


“I struggled to break through cycles of shame and self-doubt and find forgiveness. Then I found the easy button, and that was rREST!”

— Charity Joy

Speaking Topics

Reprogramming Your Brain from Past Trauma to Help You and Your Clients Move Ahead

All challenges, stress, and relationships that trouble you are tied to pivotal childhood moments that shape your adult perspectives. Whether you recognize them or not, they live with a vengeance in your subconscious, emotional mind. This is why you unconsciously end up trying to solve adult problems with childish coping tactics, amplifying the stress and repeating the bad habits that hold you back. Without rewiring the old triggers you developed as a child, you’ll never be able to take control of your future. You’ll be stuck in the cycle of frustrating outcomes to adversities in your life. In her talk, Dr. Mitra Ray gives the audience immediate tools and strategies they can use to manage stress in the moment.

What is Stress Exactly and How Do We Gain Control of our Stress Response?

Billions of people deal with stress every day. Whether it’s work, family issues, health concerns, or financial obligations, there are a multitude of factors that contribute to heightened stress levels. Although we cannot directly prevent stress from occurring, we have full control to how we respond to it. In her talk, Dr. Mitra Ray outlines how people can best gain control of their stress response.

Dr. Mitra Ray will guide your audience to overcome stress and childhood trauma, boost their energy, and achieve mental clarity and vitality.

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