Elizabeth Joy

Founder & CEO Of Joy Society Enterprises, Human Behavior Expert, Performance Coach, Author

About Elizabeth

Elizabeth Joy is a true powerhouse in the field of human behavior, renowned for her unwavering dedication to empowering emerging minority professionals, leaders, and entrepreneurs. As the visionary CEO and founder of Joy Society Enterprises, she draws on over 20 years of experience and a unique blend of business acumen, human behavior expertise, and personal insight to help her clients break free from limiting beliefs and streamline their paths to success. Thanks to her holistic approach and proven strategies, countless individuals have transformed their lives, earning more income, experiencing less stress, and enjoying better relationships both at work and at home.
Elizabeth is on a mission to help 1 million emerging minority professionals, leaders, and entrepreneurs redefine success and unapologetically live out their work and life by 2033.


“I loved Elizabeth Joy’s presentation. It hit just the right note at this challenging time.”
Kim, Talk Attendee, Manager
“Dr. Elizabeth Joy was remarkable and really encouraged me to better myself to better support the youth I work with.”
Marcus, Talk Attendee, Helping Professional
“Dr. Joy’s keynote was the perfect message for such a monumental conference and critical time in our organization’s journey.”
Lynn, Conference Manager

“Elizabeth helped me gain major clarity and identify solutions within the first 15 minutes we ever talked!”

Roy, Entrepreneur

Speaking Topics

Get Your Time Back: How To Overcome Burnout And Enjoy Life (In Real Life), Without Quitting Your Job

As a minority, navigating through the barriers and limitations of discrimination can be exhausting. It’s no wonder that passionate advocates for equity often experience burnout and frustration. But quitting isn’t the only solution. Elizabeth Joy’s talk offers proven strategies to help individuals overcome burnout, boost productivity, and truly enjoy life. Through her expert advice and practical tips, attendees will learn how to reclaim their time and energy without sacrificing their jobs or their passions.

It’s Not You, It’s Them: How To Stop Worrying About What They Think And Start Owning Your Dopeness

From the earliest memories of our lives, we’ve been shown how differently we’re treated. Social media and other sources bombard us with statistics on income and outcome discrepancies. As women, we’ve been trained to prioritize the needs of others and be kind. As a result, we’ve been stuck in a rut that has hindered our personal and professional growth. We’re disconnected from our true selves, needs, and desires. In her talk, Elizabeth guides attendees to let go of their concerns about others’ opinions and own their awesomeness. Attendees will learn what it means to be the author of their own identity, how to be a good person while still getting the results they want in life, and how to no longer choose between their own happiness and desires and those they love.

Empowering Yourself: The 3 Ways To Obtain Equity Without Waiting

In today’s world, issues of sexism and racism are more prevalent than ever before, but the change we need is not happening fast enough. It’s easy to feel powerless and frustrated, but the truth is, the only thing we have complete control over is ourselves. In her talk, Elizabeth Joy shows attendees how to take control of their own destinies and obtain the equity they deserve, without asking for anyone’s permission. Attendees will rediscover the power they have to create the outcomes they seek; explore why they shouldn’t and don’t have to wait for equity; and learn 3 ways to obtain the results they seek without waiting.
From Self-Doubt To Self-Confidence: Unlocking Your Full Potential
Elizabeth Joy and her team have transformed the lives of numerous individuals, elevating their income, reducing stress, and improving relationships at work and home, allowing them to enjoy life fully. Her mission is to empower 1 million emerging minority professionals, leaders, and entrepreneurs to redefine success and live authentically by 2033.

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