Ellery Sears

Author, Speaker, Founder of Angelic Smart Homes

About Ellery

Ellery is an author, speaker, the Founder of Angelic Smart Homes, and a Proctor Gallagher Institute Certified Consultant.

In the summer of 2020, Ellery hit rock bottom. His businesses were suffering because of the pandemic and he had lost his marriage. He was broke, lonely, and stuck. A lot of reflection and a shift in mindset completely changed his life. His businesses began to flourish and his income increased 500% in two months. Damaged relationships were repaired and he had the confidence to reach out to the Proctor Gallagher Institute to tell his story. He was presented with an opportunity to become a Certified Consultant for their company and now gets the pleasure of teaching others the same materials that changed his life. He saw the world change right before his eyes and became re-inspired to write. “Peace…Not Pieces” was completed in the span of 72 hours over a Thanksgiving holiday break.

There is nothing more rewarding for Ellery than to see people’s lives transform and to know the role that he has played in their new successes. Ellery Sears leaves his mark with exceptional coaching and goal-driven sessions that will inspire you to improve in all major areas of your life.


“I hired Ellery as my success coach a little over a month ago to date and I can tell I’m growing and changing. Even more exciting is that my income has increased by about 40%. This stuff really works and I’m happier than I’ve been in a long time.”
“I felt stuck for so long until I started working with Ellery and got into the success coaching program. He helped me get clear on my goals and now I’m excited to wake up in the morning to keep working towards creating the life I want. I have more energy and passion towards life, and I started my first business that I’ve been wanting to do forever. Thank you Ellery! Highly recommend.”

Speaking Topic

Results Come From Within: How To Transform Your Life In Less Than 90 Days

In his talk, Ellery teaches skills and techniques to create the results you desire regardless of external conditions. Audience members will discover how to tap into their unlimited potential, no matter what level of success they have attained or aspire to attain in the future. Lastly, they will develop skills for maintaining a positive state of mind in the face of adversity, and creating a life of abundance instead of lack.
Get Unstuck, Change The Direction of Your Life
Ellery provides a practical yet unconventional formula for achieving success in any area of your life.

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