Erica Ramos

CEO Of Stream Strategies, Speaker, Financial Wellness Educator

About Erica

Erica Ramos is a trust-based financial planner helping those seeking more effective ways to save for retirement. She has worked in the insurance industry for nearly 20 years designing and delivering meaningful benefit solutions to employers and their employees. In 2020, when the world was faced with the adverse consequences of COVID-19, her desire to safeguard wealth for families and business owners led to the creation of Stream Strategies.
Erica founded Stream Strategies to provide financial education and solutions to individuals and business owners who have the desire to maximize their stream of income and are tired of taxes being their greatest expense. She’s on a mission to not only help people preserve and optimize wealth into the future, but also avoid unnecessary taxation.


“Extremely high reviews on Erica’s presentation as expected – everyone I’ve spoken to has very good things to say on last night’s presentation.” 


Speaking Topic

Take Back Control Of Your Money And Eliminate The IRS From Your Retirement

How would you like to never be taxed on your retirement savings? Most people would say a resounding “yes,” but finding the right way to do this can seem tricky and something that many people do not know how to do. Erica Ramos takes your audience through her 3-step framework to reevaluate their financial state, reinvent how they are saving for retirement, and raise their worth. Your audience will walk away understanding 3 different ways you can be taxed, how to use a little-known secret in the tax codes to create tax-free retirement, and the criteria to consider when adding this missing piece to their portfolio.
Be In Power Of Your Money And Get The IRS Out Of Your Retirement
Erica Ramos is on a mission to provide financial education and solutions to families and business owners who want to take back control of their financial future and retirement and minimize unnecessary taxes.

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