Ghislain Larochelle

President and Founder of Immofacile, Coach, Speaker

About Ghislain

Ghislain Larochelle is an investor, real estate broker, public speaker, author of 10 books, and the founder of Immofacile – a company that helps people achieve financial freedom through real estate.
He owns a real estate portfolio that includes more than 400 rental units, 2 shopping centers, and commercial premises. Over the past 20 years, he has helped thousands of real estate investors create additional sources of income, sold tens of thousands of books, and conducted hundreds of conferences, events, and media interviews.
Ghislain is on a mission to positively impact the lives of 100,000 people over the next 10 years by educating them on real estate investing.


“Immofacile training programs have allowed me to significantly increase my knowledge as an investor. I used to think that I had to take it slow and wait a few more years before going “all in” to pursue my objectives. Thanks to his thorough theoretical and practical learning classes, Ghislain and his skilled team have had an incredible impact in growing my investments and bringing me to a further level.”

“Learning and growing along Ghislain Larochelle and his investment training programs is clearly an adventure everyone wanting to bring their goals and business to another level should do. I started my journey as an investor before enrolling in one of Ghislain’s programs. One thing for sure is that I would have done things differently if I had had the knowledge and tools Immofacile provided me when I first started. I am clearly more confident and have better tools to improve my career with Ghislain’s coaching.”
“The team at Immofacile has one main goal: They are 100% dedicated to our success as students. I personally followed and succeeded in every program Ghislain has put on the market since Immofacile was created.”
“This is the only company that offers complete step-by-step learning programs no matter what level of expertise you are when you enroll. Ghislain is a passionate, generous and kind person who will always do his best to make sure every individual can reach his true potential.”

Speaking Topic

7 Ways To Make A Ton Of Money In Real Estate

Real estate is almost always part of a millionaire’s portfolio. In his talk, Ghislain outlines 7 types of real estate investments one can implement to generate an additional source of income. He covers multi-unit buildings, commercial buildings, short-term rentals, land development, and rent-to-own. He explains the rules involved for each of these investments, and how to determine if an investment is truly worth it.

How To Calculate The Profitability Of A Multi-Unit Building

To invest or not to invest? Simply participating in a real estate transaction does not necessarily guarantee a return on investment. In fact, sometimes investors can lose money if they don’t know how to thoroughly run the numbers. In his talk, Ghislain outlines how to run an analysis to evaluate the profitability of income properties through a fast and simple way he calls the “napkin method”. Audience members will learn how to properly evaluate each of their real estate deals, how to avoid costly mistakes, and how to increase multi-unit building profitability.

How To Have A Free Cottage By Renting It In The Short Term

Can you enjoy a second home without incurring any out-of-pocket expenses? Ghislain will show you how. In his talk, he outlines the power of investing in a short-term rental property, and how to delegate management to help you make more money with less time involved.
Audience members will learn how to start their own short-term rental investment, how to get the best customers, and how to calculate their profitability.

Go From Zero To Pro Real Estate Investor

Increase your income and achieve financial freedom through real estate investing without having to depend on a traditional 9-to-5.

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