Ira Work

Investor Coach, Helped Thousands Of People Retire Over 4 Decades

About Ira

Ira Work is an accomplished Investor Coach with over 39 years of experience empowering thousands of individuals to take control of their financial future. His mission is to guide hard-working professionals to make confident decisions in their investments, so they can achieve the retirement they’ve always envisioned. With his insightful educational workshops, Ira helps his clients explore a multitude of options, gain clarity on their financial roadmap, and discover new opportunities for better returns. He is dedicated to helping people make the most of their financial resources, so they can live the life they deserve and retire with peace of mind.

Ira is on a mission to help save 10,000 families from gambling and speculating their retirement plans by 2030.

Speaking Topics

Dismantling The Three Myths Of Investing That Destroy Your Peace Of Mind

In this keynote talk, Ira Work breaks down three common myths about investing that can cause anxiety and financial stress. He offers practical strategies to help you build a strong retirement plan based on sound principles that increase returns and reduce risk. By sharing his expertise and experience, Ira helps you gain a better understanding of your options and create a clear path to achieving your financial goals. You’ll leave this talk feeling empowered and confident in your ability to secure a comfortable retirement for yourself and your loved ones.

Mind Over Money: Building A Retirement Plan To Last A Lifetime

In this keynote talk, Ira Work presents practical strategies for building a retirement plan that can last a lifetime. With over 39 years of experience as an investor coach, Ira understands the unique challenges facing people who are near or in retirement. His talk offers clear and actionable advice on what to avoid when building a retirement portfolio and how to reduce risk and increase returns. Attendees will gain the knowledge and confidence they need to build a plan that can support their retirement dreams and provide security for their families.

Building Your Retirement Plan Without Fear of Failure

During the keynote talk “Building Your Retirement Plan Without Fear of Failure,” Ira Work will guide the audience through the process of building a solid retirement plan without the fear of making mistakes. Ira will help attendees understand the risk and return relations of different investment options and provide insights on how to build a retirement portfolio that reduces risk and increases returns. By the end of this talk, attendees will have a better understanding of what it takes to build a world-class retirement plan and feel confident about their future.

Organize Your Financial Life, Be Free To Pursue Your Purpose

Ira Work is passionate about empowering individuals to maximize their financial resources, enabling them to live the life they deserve and retire with confidence and peace of mind.

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