Ismael Iniguez Chavez

Real Estate Entrepreneur, CEO Of Chavez Capital, Coach

About Ismael

Ismael Chavez is the visionary CEO of Chavez Capital, an esteemed single-family real estate investment firm headquartered in vibrant Miami, FL. With an impressive history as a top-performing real estate agent in Seattle, WA, Ismael seamlessly pivoted his expertise to master the art of single-family investments, becoming a seasoned and astute investor. Recognized for his unwavering dedication to generating wealth through real estate, Ismael has been instrumental in guiding numerous individuals toward unparalleled financial liberation and unwavering security. With an unrivaled track record of delivering exceptional results, Ismael remains resolute in his dedication to empowering others to flourish in the dynamic realm of single-family real estate.

Ismael is on a mission to help 10,000 entrepreneurs and business owners become millionaires through real estate investing by 2028.


“Ismael was amazing to work with. He is knowledgeable, professional, and a problem solver. He made a stressful situation better by being kind and explaining all the steps in a way that made sense. I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone.” 

— Sandy Stemm

“Ismael has the rare ability of being extremely professional but also making you feel like family. Being able to work with Ismael is truly a blessing, and I would recommend him to anyone looking for the perfect home, investment, and more!” 

—  Kelly Le, Digital Marketing Specialist

“From the moment I met Ismael, it was clear that he is dedicated, passionate, and an expert in his field. He consistently delivers outstanding results, demonstrating a great work ethic and unwavering determination to succeed. One of the most impressive aspects of Ismael’s character is his problem-solving skills. He has the ability to think critically and come up with solutions that exceed expectations. His analytical mindset and creative approach make him an invaluable asset in any situation. Moreover, Ismael is an exceptional communicator and collaborator. He builds strong relationships, fosters a positive working environment, and listens to ideas, making him an excellent team player and leader. Overall, I wholeheartedly recommend Ismael without hesitation to anyone.” 

—  Keanna Mendoza, Real Estate Agent

Speaking Topics

Cash Flow For Life: 3 Rock-Solid Strategies To Create Financial Freedom Today, Tomorrow & Forever

In an era of economic volatility and unpredictable investment landscapes, savvy entrepreneurs and small business owners seek alternative avenues to optimize their cash flow and bolster their net worth. In his captivating keynote address, Ismael Chavez unveils the transformative potential of single-family real estate investing, illuminating the distinctive qualities that set it apart from conventional real estate approaches. Attendees will walk away knowing the power of single-family real estate investing, how to get started, what continuous cash flow through passive investing looks like, and the tax benefits they could be missing out on without this passive income stream.

The ABCs Of Multifamily Investing: A Beginner’s Guide To Building Wealth With Real Estate

Embarking on the world of investing can be a daunting task, especially for beginners who grapple with a maze of complexities and uncertainties. In his talk, Ismael Chavez reveals the ABCs of single-family investing, providing a beginner’s guide to building long-term wealth with real estate. Attendees will learn about the benefits of single-family investing, the different types of properties, and how to analyze deals to ensure they’re making a sound investment. Whether new to real estate investing or looking to expand your portfolio, this talk will provide the fundamental knowledge you need to succeed in the single-family market.

From Tenant To Owner: How To Build Your Multifamily Empire And Create Generational Wealth

Understanding single-family investing can be confusing with all the convoluted conversations you hear all around you. In his talk, Ismael Chavez shows attendees key strategies and tactics to go from being a tenant to an owner of single-family properties how to build a real estate empire that creates generational wealth. They will learn how to find the right properties, secure financing, manage tenants and property managers, and create a scalable system that generates passive income for years to come. 

Unleashing Your Wealth Potential Through Real Estate

Drawing on his successful career as a real estate agent, Ismael Chavez has seamlessly transformed into an adept and seasoned single-family investor. Driven by a powerful vision, he is dedicated to empowering 10,000 ambitious entrepreneurs and business owners to attain millionaire status through the realm of real estate investing by 2028.

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