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Ivelisse Page is the Executive Director and Co-Founder of Believe Big, an organization which helps cancer patients face, fight and overcome cancer. Diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer, she overcame the odds without the use of chemotherapy and remains cancer-free today. As a result, she started a clinical trial to help others beat cancer which John Hopkins showcased her work with cancer.
Since 2011, she’s helped thousands of patients move through the overwhelming process of cancer by bridging the gap between conventional and complementary medicine. Believe Big not only helps patients survive but thrive. Not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well.
Ivelisse is on a mission to help 1 million cancer patients retreat, reset, and restore physically, emotionally, and spiritually so that they can live the highest quality of life by December 4, 2025.


“What impresses me most about Believe Big is the way in which they are actively trying to build bridges between the complementary and conventional worlds of cancer treatment. While it’s important to believe in your mission, it’s equally important to carry out that mission with respect, professionalism, and a willingness to listen. In a world where cancer organizations are too often shouting at each other from opposite sides of the fence, Believe Big has taken the higher route by crossing over that fence and asking others to collaborate on a shared goal.”
— Dr. Kelly Turner, Author of the New York Times best seller, Radical Remission
“I can tell you, when there is a publication coming out of Johns Hopkins saying that it (mistletoe) is safe, the United States will listen, and it will be because of Believe Big and their network.”
— Dr. Luis Diaz, M.D., Head of Tumor Oncology at Memorial Sloan Kettering
“Although there are no guarantees to what this life will hold, just know that when you have an organization like Believe Big on your side, there is much hope, and you never have to walk the path of cancer alone.”
— Joanna D., Melanoma Overcomer

Speaking Topics

The Cancer Road Less Traveled: 3 Steps to Kissing Cancer Goodbye

With the odds of overcoming stage 4 colon cancer being less than 8%, Ivelisse forwent chemotherapy and radiation in search of a more viable option, and found one! Who would have thought that the plant you see at Christmas was used around the world to treat cancer? In her talk, Ivelisse shares what she discovered during her journey to overcome cancer. One in two people will hear they have cancer in their lifetime, and Ivelisse’s message will provide the best tools and resources to bridge the gap between conventional and complementary medicine to heal in all aspects of life – physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Have No Fear: Simple Strategies to Finding Peace in the Face of Death

This topic is all about the power of forgiveness for those affected by cancer, and how they can face their biggest fears despite the diagnosis. Both patients and caregivers will learn how to find peace and live a quality life no matter what the quantity of days is.

Moving Modern Medicine Forward: A New Approach to How Cancer is Thought of and Treated

Millions have been spent on research and drug development, but we are falling short of offering a truly integrative approach to cancer outcomes. In her talk, Ivelisse outlines strategies for medical and integrative health professionals who want to give more to their patients than they are currently offering. She teaches how to “marry” modern medicine and alternative treatment to improve cancer patient outcomes.
Leading Families to their Pathway to Healing
Ivelisse Page helps to bridge the gap between conventional and complementary medicine for fighting cancer.

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