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About Jacob

Jacob Darr is an author, speaker, and Founder of Talent Acquisition Blueprint. Placing people in their dream jobs since he was 15 years old, Jacob has always been a recruiter at heart. He has worked for private family owned companies, private equity companies, and Fortune 500 companies – starting as a recruiter and growing to Chief Talent Officer and Corporate Human Resource Officer. At every company he worked for, he found better quality candidates at a much faster pace relative to other recruiters.

In his years in corporate, he learned one thing: there is NO blueprint to effective recruiting in the corporate world right now. He decided to leave the corporate world because he realized the impact he was having needed to be replicated.. Since then, he’s been committed to disrupting the HR space in both mindset, strategy, and operation.

He’s on a mission to impact 100 recruiters by 2025 and have 1,000 companies running their HR process under his Talent Attraction Blueprint by 2030.


“Jacob has totally transformed the way we recruit and hire. We find A+ candidates who fit our job descriptions in record time.”
“Jacob has made a serious impact on how we recruit candidates and maintain relationships. Our external recruiting firm spend was over $500,000 a year and now its almost nonexistent.”

“I never knew the power of Jacob’s Succession Planning model. Our business is like Fort Knox as it relates to talent in waiting. When we have a departure, we already have a plan and a person. This is invaluable.”

Speaking Topics

3 Strategies To Have Your Top Leaders Recruit & Train Their Successor/Future Leaders In The Green Room

In this talk, I introduce senior executives to a new way of looking at succession planning. With over 20 years of disrupting the HR space, I believe that in today’s world companies must always have an ACTIVE, UPDATED, and ready-to-execute succession plan. Leadership development is ongoing; not when you think you might need it, it’s too late then. It’s time to get to know your team and mine for your leaders in-house.

Think Like A Marketer, Hire Like A Champion

In this talk, I introduce company recruiters to a new way of looking at recruiting plans. With over 20 years of disrupting the HR space, and leading multiple at-scale recruiting efforts, I know that effective recruiting can be predictable and cost effective ONLY if we approach the process as a marketer. Thinking like marketers allows recruiting teams to attract and nurture candidates in an ongoing basis. By focusing on a consistently ACTIVE pipeline, recruiters can ensure a wide and diverse range of talent at the time of filling a position. It is a proactive, not reactive approach to recruiting.

Connecting Dream Talent With Dream Jobs
Jacob Darr is on a mission to help fill critical company roles in record time, all while spending less money in the process.

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