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Jane Wenning is a certified Medical Technologist with a degree in Clinical Laboratory Science. She is an Athletic Trainer, and Health Mentor who has been helping people improve their mental and physical health for over 20 years.

Combining her experience working with athletes, and research in obtaining her university degree, Jane merged these two worlds together to create a structured wellness plan focused on four pillars – Recovery, Emotional Energy, Nutrition, and Movement.

She has spent hundreds of hours learning about nutrition, longevity, brain health, sleep, interval training, fasting, epigenetics and estrogenics.

Jane now equips people with the tools to transform into healthier and stronger versions of themselves to live life with vitality.


“I’m on vacation and doing so much better than I thought I would. I’m drinking plenty of water, we walk everywhere we go and being at high elevations a lot of it is uphill, making better choices when we are out to eat and my favorite component is an act of kindness. Nothing makes me feel better than making someone’s else’s day.”


“I have caught myself so close to throwing in the towel but because I don’t want to give up my progress I make it happen… Yesterday was Day 50. I’ve never stuck with something this long, and I feel like I’ve been so much more aware of how mental everything is, and realizing just how much is truly possible. Life is changing in a great way!”


“After just a week of tracking my food I was able to make the connection between foods that were giving me more energy and foods that were causing me to have low energy.”


“Over the years I have listened to Jane’s advice. I know the reason my husband survived his heart attack was because of the lifestyle changes we had made using the 4 Pillars of Success.”


Speaking Topics

The Unfair Advantage

Understanding health often becomes overwhelming due to the endless amount of contradicting information out there. Health is the most important aspect of life and if it’s neglected for too long people will actually decay rather than age. Daily living becomes a chore, mental sharpness declines, and this can lead to obesity, brain fog, depression, diabetes, and other fatal diseases. Jane simplifies health by breaking it down to four main pillars – recovery, emotional energy, nutrition and movement. Jane simplifies health by taking her audience through the sure system: survey, unique plan, reassess, and empower.

Faith, Family, & Fitness

Faith and family are easily understandable, but fitness can be a bit confusing. 

Fitness is defined as “the ability to perform a specific exercise task” and health is defined as “your state of well-being where physiological systems work in harmony.” God has designed our bodies to move, as evident in the Bible by all the times when people danced to give thanksgiving and praise to God. When our bodies move (fitness) we are healthy, all of our systems are working in harmony. Jane describes how combining the 4 pillars of health – recovery, emotional energy, nutrition and movement has allowed her to become a more loving spouse and more present mother, and how it can do the same for you.

The New “Old” Best Medicine: How a Daily Dose of Laughter is Good For the Brain

People are under an emotional stress like they have never experienced. Emotional stress, like physical stress, can cause health issues. One way to de-stress is to laugh. There have been documented studies that laughter promotes healing. When you laugh, there is a release of endorphins from the brain that not only strengthen the immune system but also decrease levels of stress. Laughter has also been found to reduce pain and curb negative thoughts. You can’t be happy and negative at the same time. In her talk, Jane discusses how to use laughter as a form of medicine and healing.

Jane Wenning will give you the lifetime tool you need to boost your energy, maintain your health, and age gracefully rather than decay.

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