Jay Dhahan

CEO of NextGen Wealthy, Mentor, Speaker

About Jay Dhahan

Jay Dhahan is a neuro-performance coach, mentor, and serial entrepreneur with multiple high-energy companies. He fully understands the challenges in creating work-life balance while establishing a tangible direction for a business to 10X its income, culture, and energy.

Jay’s coaching practices help make essential and transformative changes in people’s lives with the necessary tools, strategies, and support. He specializes in identifying and developing people’s strengths, while also working on improving the qualities and skills that are preventing someone from truly thriving. A rich background in psychology, neuro-linguistics, and hypnotherapy allows him to take a neuroscientific approach on daily practices, routine building, and intellectual strategies that help leaders understand their full potential and how to implement it in their business.

Jay’s commitment is to work with leaders to identify their personal and professional goals and help make them a reality. Whether that’s becoming a better communicator, building strong lasting relationships, or understanding how energy can connect people together, Jay’s coaching helps people become the most authentic version of themselves.

He’s on a mission to build 1,000 millionaires by helping leaders master his life-changing neuro-performance strategies.

Speaking Topic

5 Neuro-Performance Strategies to Break Free From Limiting Beliefs

Many leaders and entrepreneurs struggle to reach the highest levels of excellence in their organizations because of their own limiting beliefs. In his talk, Jay Dhahan gives audience members 5 neuro-performance strategies that can be applied instantly to help overcome self-sabotage.

Jay Dhahan is on a mission to build 1,000 millionaires by helping people master life-changing neuro-performance strategies.

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