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About Jay Dhahan

Jay Dhahan is a Neuro-Performance advisor, real estate developer/investor, and the founder of the NextGen Movement. Over the last decade, Jay has spent millions on his personal development and education, learning from legends such as Tony Robbins, Grant Cardone, and John Maxwell. Utilizing his experiences & knowledge with a deep understanding of psychology, he coaches 7 figure earners using Neuro-Performance strategies to break through subconscious limiting beliefs.
He is constantly telling his followers to spend time understanding this amazing super computer called the brain. The more you start to understand the brain the more you understand the thought patterns and emotions that come with it. This allows you to make the most logical decisions vs. emotional, that get you into a better place when it comes to personally, professionally, and financially.
Jay created the NextGen movement as a passion to inspire and empower the next generation & leaders of tomorrow’s world. Now pouring the millions of dollars & decades worth of knowledge and experience into the NextGen to teach the core essential skill-sets it takes to create wealth in all aspects of life.


“Jay’s greatest contribution to the world is his relentless pursuit of harnessing his greater self to be of service to people young and old.”


“Jay Dhahan, I would put him in the top 3 of the best coaches I’ve ever seen, heard of and worked with.”



“Jay’s ability to explain points and then give expert level techniques on exactly how to exactly implement the strategies into the real world, is something only a true master is capable of.”

— Gus Nagle

“I can’t believe I didn’t know this information sooner. Jay definitely knows what he is talking about and I hope everyone gets the opportunity to learn and understand the knowledge inside the brain of Jay Dhahan.”

— Joshua Lockhart

“Taking a chance on Jay Dhahan has completely transformed my life. From the way I think about my business to the way I am now building authentic relationships. Jay Dhahan is the real deal and if you are not apart of the NextGen community, you are missing out.”

— Dee Bivens

Speaking Topic

5 Neuro-Performance Strategies to Break Free From Limiting Beliefs

Many leaders and entrepreneurs struggle to reach the highest levels of excellence in their organizations because of their own limiting beliefs. In his talk, Jay Dhahan gives audience members 5 neuro-performance strategies that can be applied instantly to help overcome self-sabotage.

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