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CEO of MaxStrength Fitness, Exercise Specialist, Speaker

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Jeff Tomaszewski is a speaker, exercise specialist, and founder of MaxStrength Fitness. As a certified athletic trainer and strength and conditioning specialist, he’s been testing and refining the most efficient, effective, and safe way to exercise that yields the biggest ROI on our time with regard to our health and fitness.
He understands that career-driven professionals do not have a lot of time to work out but that health is a key ingredient in success. As a result, he specializes in working with men and women over 50 who have built their wealth, but have let their health suffer and want to live life without aches and pains and without wasting hours in the gym. At MaxStrength Fitness, Jeff’s expertly guided workouts transform lives in only 20 minutes, twice a week, without breaking a sweat.
Jeff’s mission is to help as many people as possible to live a high-quality life into their golden years.


“I have been in the gym my entire life and found MaxStrength Fitness training to be an excellent way to maximize effort in the least amount of time with positive results. The MaxStrength Team are very knowledgeable, committed and great to work with.”
— Lou Joseph, CEO Brewer Garrett
“Since the exercises are taken at a slower pace, you think they would be easy, but they’re not. Pushing your muscles to the point of failure is hard work. But when you’re done, you feel fabulous. I would never push myself as hard as these trainers push me. Yet they are very conscientious of safety.”
— Joanna Pockar
“This is the only exercise program that has ever stuck. I can see results with my own eyes and feel healthier, stronger, and in overall better shape since I started.”
— Elaine Kosco
“Since you don’t need to shower as you don’t work up a sweat during the session, this is an easy fit during my lunch hour. And I wouldn’t have stuck with it if I wasn’t very impressed with the results.”
— Fred Disanto

Speaking Topics

Reverse The Aging Process In Only 40 Minutes Per Week Without Breaking A Sweat!

For Men and Women over 50 who have built their wealth in their career, but have let their health suffer and want to live life without aches and pains and without wasting hours in the gym. Audience members will learn why strength training is the closest thing to the fountain of youth, and how they can get the most out of it in just 20 minutes per workout, twice per week.

The 5 Common Mistakes That Most People Make When Selecting A Franchise

Choosing a franchise is a big, life-changing investment. In his talk, Jeff outlines the 5 common franchise mistakes and how to avoid them.

How To Become A 21st Century Leader

Being a leader in the 21st Century takes a huge shift in mindset for most people. This guide will help you understand what makes each generation tick, and how to inspire and motivate them to achieve success!

Multiply Your Money Without Sacrificing Your Health
On a mission to democratize the rules of finance by teaching entrepreneurs how to create thriving 7 and 8 figure businesses, and have a healthy life at the same time.

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