Jefferson Rogers

CEO of JKR Windows, Author, Speaker, Coach

About Jefferson

Jefferson K. Rogers is the author of All IN, host of the ALL IN podcast, coach, and CEO of JKR Windows. Coming from humble beginnings, Jefferson was once broke, directionless, irresponsible, and had even hit rock bottom dealing with addiction.
He made the decision to turn his life around and started JKR Windows. In just four years, he grew his business from $0 to $30 million. His company was recently named the fastest growing replacement window company in Utah and was also awarded Top Company Growth at the 2020 D2DCon.
While growing his business, Jefferson learned a ton of valuable lessons — the hard way. He discovered the importance of focusing on his team every day, committing to his goals 100%, and having great coaches and mentors. Today, he guides aspiring entrepreneurs to clarify their vision, invest in themselves, and achieve their biggest goals by going ALL IN.
He is dedicated to helping others achieve lightning-fast success just like he has done with his company, and is on a mission to help create 200 millionaires.


“One of the main takeaways I got was his authenticity; you can’t put a price tag on authenticity.”

John Gray, Motivational Speaker And Coach

“He keeps it simple and invests in the capital of people. That’s very important, to invest in people.”

Angie Gray, Motivational Speaker And Life Coach

“His energy was real; it was very authentic. He lit up the room, I mean we could all feel it.”

Essa Vary

Speaking Topics

The Power Of Going ALL IN

Hitting the next milestone after the first million takes being “all in” on the business and committing to it 100%. Of course, this is easier said than done and Jefferson Rogers takes your audience on the path of how to create a vision, understand what difficult decisions need to happen, and how they can grow their business to the next level. Attendees will walk away with a roadmap on how to take action right away, giving them the momentum to move forward quickly.

Go ALL IN And Live to Your Highest Potential

With focus, discipline, and commitment, there’s no reason that others can’t transform faster than they ever imagined.

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