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About Dr. Walker

Dr. Jennifer Walker, the founder and CEO of Balance Wellspace Integrative Medicine, brings a unique perspective to her practice as a former Exercise Physiologist in a chiropractic and medical clinic. She discovered early signs of spinal degeneration during an examination for chronic ear infections, but with chiropractic care, she improved her neck function and resolved her ear infections. Dr. Walker’s personal experience inspired her to become a chiropractor and help others achieve optimal health and function without relying on medication or surgery.
Dr. Walker founded her practice in 2002 in Cape Cod, MA, and relocated it to Roanoke, Virginia in 2006 intending to revolutionize healthcare by empowering patients to take an active and proactive approach to their own health. As a lifelong learner, Dr. Walker has integrated the latest cutting-edge technology into her practice, allowing her to provide the best healthcare options available to her community at Balance Wellspace Integrative Medicine. She earned her Doctor of Chiropractic degree from the University of Western States in 2001 and continues to grow and evolve her practice to bring the best healthcare options to her community.
Dr. Jennifer Walker is on a mission to improve the health of 5,000 people in South Western Virginia without the use of medication by 2028.

Balance Wellspace Integrative Medicine

At Balance Wellspace Integrative Medicine, we believe that true health and wellness is achieved by addressing the whole person – mind, body, and spirit. Our expert team is committed to providing the most advanced technology and services available while constantly striving to improve their knowledge and skills to provide exceptional care. Whether you’re recovering from an injury, seeking pain relief, or looking to optimize your performance, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your best health and vitality.


“Dr. Walker and the entire staff are thorough and actually take the time to LISTEN to my concerns. I never feel rushed and always feel cared for. They offer options for my care that will fit my budget and lifestyle and are always available to answer questions! Everyone there is committed to giving me the best care possible! Balance is truly heads above the rest with their integrative approach to health and wellness!”
— Lori Rosen
“There is no other place I trust more for my regular health care. Dr. Walker’s knowledge about the body is truly impressive, and they offer a large variety of aids and treatments for whole-body wellness. Highly recommend it if you want to get to the root of your health problems!”
— Suellen Wine
“This place is amazing. Normally you have to go to many different places to receive a regiment of care for an injury; NOT here. You have a team of people who coordinate your care. There is no lag time while waiting for one office to send over recommended treatment to another. The chiropractor walks to the next room and speaks with the physical therapist or PA-C for regenerative injections, or vice-versa, to make sure you’re getting the best treatment as your condition changes. Everyone here is very friendly and caring. I recommend anyone suffering from back pain, neck pain, or needing physical therapy to check out Balance Wellspace.”
— Rodney Nordstrom
“If you want to get a solution to your pain without medication and surgery, this is your place! The team is super friendly and truly cares about helping you get well!!”
— Elliot Hirshorn

Speaking Topic

Your Body Holds The Answers: How To Live Pain Free Without Pain Medication

Join Dr. Jennifer Walker as she reveals how your body holds the key to living a pain-free life without relying on medication. Whether you struggle with joint pain or neuropathy, this talk will provide you with sustainable solutions for managing pain and achieving overall well-being. Dr. Walker’s holistic approach goes beyond traditional medicine and helps people unlock the secrets of their body to overcome pain and live their best life. Attendees will learn how their body works and the role of pain, a blueprint for living pain free, and simple steps anyone can take immediately to achieve a higher level of well-being.
Reclaim Your Life: A Guide To Living Pain Free With Holistic Methods
Dr. Jennifer Walker’s passion is to empower individuals to access their body’s natural healing powers to alleviate joint pain and neuropathy without relying on medication. She aspires to transform the health of 5,000 individuals in South Western Virginia by 2028.

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