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CEO of Cropper Federal Security, Helping Agencies Minimize Cyber Attacks Using Cutting-Edge Tools and Customized Cybersecurity Solutions.

About Jim

Jim Cropper is the CEO of Cropper Federal Security, a cybersecurity company that provides solutions for government and military organizations, as well as tech industries and businesses. For almost 30 years, Jim has integrated military networks, intel teams, crisis planning, and international military warfighting efforts from the Squadron to COCOM levels, including during the Arab Springs. Most recently, Jim has been working to integrate the DevSecOps environments to put the operators in the driver’s seat to prioritize development and security.
Jim is on a mission to integrate warfighting capabilities in 7 major combat commands, secure our nation’s weapon systems, and integrate them to achieve the JADC2 vision and set the pattern in motion by 2040!


“Cropper led the Detachment through a period of change and transformation of the intelligence organizations under the 480th Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance Wing. Jim’s maintainers enabled the group to become the number one intelligence producer in North Korea for the entire Department of Defense and the cornerstone of both armistice and wartime intelligence support to the Air Operations Center, Seventh Air Force, and United States Forces Korea. Under his leadership, his unit achieved an unprecedented 99.9 % up-time rate on seven critical communications and intelligence networks that spanned the entire spectrum from local and theater systems to national systems. His actions ensured theater and component commanders were fully aware of North Korea’s intentions during the launch of the Taepodong-2 missile in April 2009 and the most recent naval clashes near the demilitarized zone of the Northwest Islands. Through his tenacious efforts, he was able to secure 16 million dollars to start the long overdue infrastructure upgrades for the Korea Combined Intelligence Center. The singularly distinctive accomplishments of Major Cropper reflect great credit upon himself and the United States Air Force.”
“During this period, Major Cropper flawlessly led Air Combat Command’s largest communications flight supporting 13,000 users, including 18 general officers and 150 colonels. He led communications installation projects in new F-22 facilities, a $10 million Operational Support Center, and 50 other sites, including one of only six state-side phone switches, ensuring positive control over Department of Defense phone capabilities in the southeastern United States. Major Cropper’s leadership ensured global strike mission capability from Langley through direct flight line communications and navigational aids, increasing reliability by 75% and enhancing flight safety. Additionally, as Executive Officer to the 1st Fighter Wing Commander, he applied his technological expertise to streamline countless processes, including revamping the promotion recommendation form staffing and editing process, a method that was later benchmarked by the Air Combat Command Promotions Office.”

Speaking Topics

3 Steps To Set Up JADC2 And Finally Make Progress Towards New Warfighter Capability

In this talk, Jim empowers attendees to identify their roadblocks, find ways to overcome them, and optimize cost and schedule performance to deliver new warfighter capability with greater speed, affordability, and security. Through practical insights and expert guidance, attendees will gain a deeper understanding of how to integrate JADC2 into their organizations and make meaningful progress toward achieving warfighter capability.

How To Stop The Middle Management Madness And Boost Efficiency

There is a constant back-and-forth madness that goes on within organizations where developers create things based on operators’ needs, and security engineers say “no” based on the DAO’s guidance while sitting in their ivory tower. With changing requirements, operators are not getting what they want. All of this causes a complete stoppage of work, and this becomes a constraint for the organization. In this talk, attendees will learn how to develop interim solutions in cybersecurity processes while involving leadership to boost efficiency and improve throughput.

How To Make Cybersecurity Work For You

In this keynote talk, attendees will gain insights on how to view cybersecurity roadblocks as opportunities to speed up projects. Jim will help the audience identify what can be done within the rules and scope of work and how to get internal teams to work together towards a common goal. With a focus on consistency in external coordination and clear communication, attendees will learn how to achieve commanders’ intent while ensuring cybersecurity measures are in place.

An Arms Race You Can’t Afford To Lose: The Difference Between DEVSECOPS & OPS SECDEV

For generals and colonels who are frustrated with slow capability delivery and want to expedite priorities. In his talk, Jim will give you a strategic overview of who is really in charge, how to get those on your team to align with you because the enemy is not within, and get to JADC2. Attendees will learn how to get their integrated product team to ensure operations are first, ensure developers produce new capabilities, and guarantee security ensures the product is approved to operate.
Defending Against All Enemies, Foreign And Domestic
In today’s world, where cyber threats are more prevalent than ever, government and military organizations, as well as businesses, need to be extra vigilant about protecting themselves against cyber attacks. Jim Cropper is a cybersecurity expert who offers tailored solutions to help safeguard against these threats to achieve peace of mind.

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