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Founder of Marketing Savage, Best-Selling Author, Mentored Over 10,000 Clients

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As the creator of the largest online education platform in the automotive industry and leader of the Marketing Savage Movement, John Highley’s mission in life is to help over 1,000,000 business owners break the shackles of conformity. John is a #1 best-selling author on Amazon and is a top contributor with several podcasts.

He has experience in nearly every type of business, from manufacturing to education. His diverse background sets him apart and makes him a highly sought-after mentor. Through coaching, he has helped train over 10,000 clients who now represent what winning looks like at all times. John Highley is “The Marketing Savage”: a full-time entrepreneur who has ownership in 6 companies, all the while being a loving husband, proud father, and recently founded The Church Of The Savage in Texas.


“Working with John has been an absolute game-changer for my business because I was missing the CRM, the systems, and the processes for bringing in leads and converting them. Not only that, we were able to take all the systems we created to delegate more to my team and deliver more to my clients at a higher level.”
— Stacy Raske, Influential Leadership
“I have my own advertising agency, but it’s very hard to actually do your own advertising for yourself. I love the idea that I can ping somebody else in the same industry and marketplace as I am and let them facilitate the marketing of my advertising agency. John’s great to work with and his team’s been fantastic. I highly recommend John and his team.”
— Barry Gabster, Initiate U Marketing & Direct Mail
“We have grown our business exponentially because of Marketing Savage. John saw something in us that he knew could help elevate us, and he has done so. He’s a very intuitive, intelligent, generous guy who gives his time and energy to people he believes in. He took established businesses to a new level. From the very first moment that I spoke with John, there was this understanding and mutual respect. I felt his capability and caring nature, with complete trust and empathy. From a business and emotional point of view, John knows how to start, run and scale a business. He understands your business challenges and the emotional challenges that you will need to understand and overcome in order to grow. I highly recommend the Marketing Savage Program.”

— Kevin Lavelle, Origins Copywriting

Speaking Topic

Why You Need A Marketing Savage

John believes digital marketing campaigns need to ignite emotion in order to spark action. In his talk, he breaks down the principles that have allowed him to make every campaign completely human, regardless of the digital means used to promote it. These principles are universal and can be applied to virtually any niche.
Providing Integrated Digital Marketing Solutions Since 1987
John is on a mission to help 1 million people to break the shackles of conformity, find their true self, and follow their own compass.

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