Josh Perez

Principal Broker and Partner at Synergy Mortgage Group

About Josh

Josh is a Principal Broker and Partner at Synergy Mortgage Group with over 8 years of experience in the financial services and real estate investment industry. Initially beginning his career at CIBC, Josh developed a wealth of knowledge not only with the mortgage financing process but also in helping his portfolio of clients with investment and retirement planning advice. After beginning to invest in real estate himself, he realized his best energy and expertise surrounded the mortgage planning experience. Josh is an extremely dedicated and passionate mortgage professional who constantly strives to ensure his clients are met with a world-class experience and the best advice possible.
Josh Perez is on a mission to help 1,000 homeowners utilize their home equity to become millionaires by 2028.


“I’d say Josh is my ‘go to’ broker, but that makes him sound like my first choice before many others. Josh isn’t my ‘go to’; he is my only broker. In my personal business, I put much emphasis on customer service, the experience, and satisfaction. When I refer to him, he’s on the same page as I am.”
— Brian, BKG Real Estate
“Josh and his team at Synergy Mortgage Group were a huge help in navigating the purchase of our first investment property. He is reliable, quick to connect with, and worked hard to ensure our financing went smoothly. He provided education along the way and was always open to answer questions. Would highly recommend!”
— Jenn Geerts
“I’ve worked with Josh’s company many times, and they are such a great team of professionals. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to purchase a new home or looking to refinance. My experience working with them was exceptional. Great service, professional, helpful, friendly.”
— Michelle McDowell
“This was one of the best experiences I have ever had with a mortgage brokerage! I was referred to Josh Perez by a friend of mine. I was running into a lot of obstacles with a big-name bank, and the agent from there was impossible to get a hold of. Even though I was unable to utilize Synergy’s services, Josh and Austin were so helpful with answering questions that the big-name bank couldn’t. Josh and Austin had everything set up for me if we needed to make the switch at the very last minute. They were completely honest with me from the beginning, and they were looking out for my best interests. I have so much respect for a company that is willing to sit down with you and make sure all your needs are met. I will be returning to them when my renewal is up!”
— Cindy Saavedra

Speaking Topic

How To Achieve A 7-Figure Net Worth Using Your Home Equity

Many homeowners are aware that their home value has increased, especially if they have been living there for many years. One advantage of homeownership is the opportunity to build equity and use it to your advantage. While home equity is one of your greatest assets, accessing home equity is often overlooked when putting together a comprehensive financial plan. In his talk, Josh outlines how homeowners can use the equity in their homes to accelerate their path towards reaching their financial goals. Audience members will be able to identify how much equity they have in their homes, how to access it, and understand how to utilize their equity to achieve financial freedom.
Helping You Build Wealth Through Real Estate
Josh Perez helps people access the equity in their homes to invest and grow their net worth.

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