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Justin Roethlingshoefer is the founder of Own It Coaching System, a multiple 7-figure coaching company that applies a health and performance philosophy to clients ranging from NHL stars to Fortune 500 executives to entrepreneurs looking to become the best version of themselves. He is also an ex NHL performance director and his postgraduate research is in HRV, sleep, and health science. Additionally, Justin is the author of multiple Amazon bestselling books, including Intent: A Practical Approach to Applied Sports Science for Athletic Development and Own It.
Whether in his coaching, writing, or speaking, Justin is well-regarded for his ability to take complex scientific topics and distill them into practical, applicable action steps. He has the ability to understand the science of sports performance, sleep, and recovery on a deep level, while being able to translate and distill complex topics into a form others can actually use. He focuses on a holistically integrated approach to health and performance. His core philosophy is that performance is realized when health is optimized on every level – including physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.
Justin is on a mission to restore the health of 50,000 successful entrepreneurs by 2025 and serve as a lighthouse of change for the way the world sees health and wellness.


“I have had the privilege to be with Justin one-on-one and use his knowledge firsthand. I knew I needed to share it with my audience, and the response was overwhelmingly positive. He and his team solve problems with the body and performance that people have been searching for decades. He adds an element to every one of my events that allows my attendees to 10x their breakthroughs.”
— Sharran Srivatsaa, President of REAL
“Justin was a member of my mastermind group when he started presenting for us, and I knew immediately he was going to be someone that was going to be sought after. His knowledge is deep, and his ability to help people apply it in a practical way is a gift. He’s a no-brainer addition to any event.”
— Craig Ballantyne, Author, The Perfect Day Formula
“We use the Own It advantage for 3 of our events each year, and it is a game changer. Not only do our attendees get greater results throughout the year because of their focus on personalized habit change, but the value add without putting more organization work on my team is incredible. It is a must-have at your next event if you are striving to get to the next level.”
— Rylee Meek, Founder, The King’s Council
“Not only is Justin knowledgeable, but he is entertaining as heck! I had to expose my audience to him because nobody does health, wellness, and human optimization like this guy. The takeaways and frameworks for implementing wearable data were something I had never known and used to this day. He’s a regular at my events as he helps our attendees maximize and accelerate breakthroughs and results.”
— Anthony Trucks, Founder, The Shift Method

Speaking Topics

The Entrepreneur's Guide To Limitless Energy & Vitality

Entrepreneurs have been trading their health for financial and business success for years. They often feel the only way to get ahead is to “do more,” which prevents them from reaching their full potential. In his talk, Justin outlines the process entrepreneurs can follow to transform their energy, sleep, and focus – without having to “do more.” Audience members will learn how to be efficient with their habits and routines to live a life on fire.

Why Leadership Starts With Health: How To Transform Your Business & Company Culture

Leaders are continually striving to lead a successful business by example but tend to forget about their health during the process. This often causes them to operate at 50% of their capacity and become tired, lethargic, foggy-brained, and unfit to effectively run their teams. This leaves dollars on the table, increases errors, and increases team turnover. In his talk, Justin argues that the key to an effective organization starts with prioritizing one’s health. Audience members will learn exactly how to implement a health and wellness journey for themselves and also provide a structure for their teams to follow suit – which ultimately, helps increase team retention, performance, and company culture.
Limitless Health And Energy For The Busy Entrepreneur
Justin helps entrepreneurs take control of their health, wellness, and mindset so they can look, feel, and perform at their very best.

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