Karandeep Brar

CEO of The Limitless Dentist, Speaker, Coach

About Karandeep Brar

Karandeep Brar is a speaker, coach, and CEO of The Limitless Dentist.
He bought his first practice in 2018 within one year of graduating dental school. He transformed that practice from $500K in revenue to $1.5 million in 2 years. He accomplished this on a 3-day work week and taking off 4 weeks each year. These results were driven by predictable systems and don’t require specialty procedures to increase profitability.
Karandeep believes the same techniques and strategies can allow any dentist to transform their practice to help bring home more profits, while decreasing their working hours. He’s on a mission to help dentists earn a minimum of $500k in revenue annually, work 3-4 days per week, and take off at least 3 weeks of vacation every year.


“Dr. Brar helped me change my practice so I was able to work less per week, take more time off, and produce more. And the best part, I was also able to cut my overhead using Dr. Brar’s vendors.”
“My office grew so fast after working with Dr. Brar! We doubled our monthly production by the 2nd month. The systems we implemented have given me more time out of the office and a better culture!”
“Dr. Brar gave me all of the tools and strategies to grow my practice to a new level. Our office was a high production office, but we at a sticking point. Dr. Brar worked with us and was able to advise us on changes, and we’ve seen a 30% profit increase already!”

Speaking Topic

3 Steps To Increase Your Profits And Spend More Time Out Of The Office

Many dentists are stuck and struggling. They work endless hours trying to grow their practice, yet keep falling short of their goals. In his talk, Karandeep Brar outlines the 3 most impactful steps any dentist can take to increase their profits, while working less. He covers how to increase case acceptances, how to optimize case presentations, and how to best interact with current and prospective patients.
Karandeep Brar is on a mission for dentists around the world to create time and financial freedom in their lives. He believes any dentist should be able to earn a minimum of $500k in revenue annually, work 3-4 days per week, and take off at least 3 weeks of vacation every year.

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