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Founder Of Kasey D’Amato Concierge Business & Life Coaching, Speaker

About Kasey

Kasey D’Amato is a highly accomplished Concierge Life and Business Coach, boasting 20 years of experience in the medical field with a proven track record of success. As the founder of a groundbreaking skincare line based on medical-grade research, Kasey understands what it takes to build and grow a successful business. Now, she shares her expertise with service-based entrepreneurs who are feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and unable to scale their businesses. By providing easy-to-implement mindset and strategy guidance, Kasey empowers her clients to gain the confidence, clarity, and skills needed to make more money, have more time, and make their biggest dreams easily achievable.

Kasey is on a mission to help 10 million people realize it is easier than they think to build their dream lives by 2033.


“Kasey is a great business and life coach! She saved me so much time and brought clarity so I can take action much faster! She also helped me scale my business at an incredibly fast rate!”

— Wilson Liang – Entrepreneur & Wealth Coach

“Just had a 1 hour brainstorming session with Kasey and it was pure fire!!! She is a business genius!”

— Amy Jo – Owner-Wilder Homes Real Estate Brokerage

“I had an incredible call with Kasey D’Amato who constantly blows my mind! She has been helping me BIG TIME!”

— Jera Foster-Fell – Entrepreneur-Social Media Coach & Speaker

Speaking Topics

From Overwhelmed To Achieving Rapid Growth: Avoiding $100K Mistakes In Business

When it comes to scaling a business, achieving a work-life balance can often feel like an impossible task. The pressure to generate $100k or more in revenue within a short time frame can be overwhelming, leaving many business owners feeling stuck and unsure of how to proceed. However, by gaining clarity on long-term vision and reverse engineering end goals with numbers, fun, and support from the right people, success becomes attainable. In this keynote, Kasey D’Amato shares her expert insights on the top three mistakes to avoid when trying to grow and scale a business, empowering attendees to achieve their goals and build a business and life they love. Audience members will walk away understanding how to implement the 4 F’s of business to create a work-life balance that really can happen; how to manage their money and time to maximize their business; and what business owners need to do to reclaim and realign their vision for success personally and professionally. 

Unleashing The Power Of Female Entrepreneurship: 3 Strategies Every Woman Should Know

Starting a business can be overwhelming, especially for female entrepreneurs who may feel isolated in a male-dominated industry. However, building relationships with other women who understand your perspective can be a game changer. Female-influenced communities offer valuable connections that can help you succeed faster than you ever imagined. In this keynote talk, Kasey D’Amato shares three essential strategies that every female business owner should know before embarking on their entrepreneurial journey. Attendees will discover the power of the 4 F’s and how to implement them into their businesses; how to create long-lasting success and implement strategies unique to female business owners; and the importance of surrounding yourself with the right teams and systems to make anything possible. 

5 Strategies Medical Professionals Need To Grow A 6-Figure Business On The Side

Do you dream of building a successful side business while still maintaining your full-time job as a medical professional? If so, Kasey D’Amato has the perfect talk for you. In this inspiring keynote, Kasey shares her proven strategies for growing a 6-figure business on the side. Drawing on her years of experience in both the medical field and entrepreneurship, Kasey provides actionable insights on how to balance your workload, overcome fear, and clarify your vision to achieve the success you deserve. Join Kasey as she shows you how to turn your dream of a successful side hustle into a reality. Attendees will walk away understanding how to implement the 4 F’s of business to create a new work-life balance that really can happen; how to manage their energy and time to maximize their side hustle success; and what medical professionals need to do to reclaim and realign their long-term vision for long-lasting success personally and professionally. 

Helping Women Achieve Work-Life Balance While Scaling Their Busineses

Kasey D’Amato empowers service-based entrepreneurs to unlock their potential, achieve financial freedom, and turn their biggest aspirations into reality. With a bold ambition to impact 10 million lives by 2023, she is committed to creating a world where dreams are not just attainable but inevitable. 

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