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KC Chohan is the Founder of Together CFO, a tax advisory, accounting, and tax preparation firm based in Los Angeles, California. His financial strategies have been the best-kept secret of the elite. He’s an expert on tax strategy and helps high-net-worth families protect their wealth and reduce taxes. His deep passion for serving others and educating those who are overpaying taxes is what drives customer loyalty.
After a client came to him with a $20MM tax burden, KC pushed himself to find better alternatives and began to learn and understand the secret tax strategies of the elite. Since then, his goal has been to provide education and resources to bridge the gap for first-generational wealth, helping solve their pain point of overpaying taxes. He builds out the same structures as the elite billionaires to be able to legally do things that the average Certified Public Accountant can’t.

KC is a writer for Forbes Magazine and a professional speaker, who has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, NBC, Yahoo Finance, and Fox News. KC has spoken at many events including Mark Moss’s Market Disrupters event, the Accounting and Finance Conference, The Money Show, the California Association of Business Brokers Annual Conference, and many more. He is the resident tax expert for Sam Oven’s Quantum Mastermind and has been interviewed on numerous cable networks, podcasts, and publications.

KC Chohan is on a mission to bridge the gap of tax efficiency for 1 million business owners. 


“Together CFO saved me over $12 million in taxes during our first year working with them.”


“We saved 71% by using Together CFO’s tax structure.”


“We save hundreds of thousands every year by optimizing our taxes with Together CFO’s system. It’s also a secure way to pass on wealth to my family.”


“Having this structure saved me millions by optimizing my capital gains when selling my business.”

— PAT F.

Speaking Topic

How To Pay Single Digit Tax Rates

KC speaks to business owners who pay over $200,000 per year in taxes and want to preserve their wealth. In his talk, KC Chohan outlines his process on how business owners can legally pay single-digit tax rates. Audience members will learn how billionaires pay a lower tax rate than most people and how to eliminate capital gains taxes. They will also receive a roadmap for an asset protection plan.

Save on Taxes, Keep More of Your Wealth
KC Chohan teaches business owners how to protect their assets, reduce taxes, and create tax-free generational wealth.

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